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  ...of right-brained REVELATION of UNDERSTANDING the 

  MULTI-DIMENSIONAL essence of TAO, has culminated

  in THE IDEA of Stay [TIME]less in Freespace 4D NOW

  ONLY when the last tree has died
  and the last river been poisoned
  and the last fish been caught will
  WE REALISE that ...
  LET US begin the process of OPENING THE DOOR
  THE BALANCE of the POSITIVE/negative and  
  NEGATIVE/positive or MASCULINE and FEMININE principles,  
  within each & every one of our SOULS, brings the PERSON
  to a POINT of ANDROGENY, that state of BALANCE of THE
  ONE MIND that aligns the individual with the HIGHER SELF
  and The Fourth dimension of Higher Consciousness.


We all live in our reality tunnels. Michael Pollan suggests

that if we were to enter the brain of another human being,

we would think we were experiencing a psychedelic trip.

Reality tunnels is a term that Timothy Leary coined, and

Robert Anton Wilson expanded. The IDEA is that we each

live in a selective view of perception determined by our

setting, genetics, imprints, conditioning, and learning.


Human Rights and the Principles of Humanity • what more IMPORTANT SYMBOL could our species create TODAY • than that which represents a MODEL of a NEW UNITED NATIONS !!!???


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Comment by Michael Grove on January 5, 2024 at 10:39
... [IT] IS hardly surprising that I found [THIS] ARJUN WALIA Pulse article entitled 'The Curious Case of Twin Telepathy & Biological Quantum Entanglement' absolutely mind blowingly fascinating, in the context of Linnie & I's long time practice of Tai Chi together as [ONE].

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