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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

within ALL of US, is awakening

to the lessons of silence ...

such that, as Ed Jong has recently stated ...
IT SEEMS the quest to understand how we stand apart from other animals
[my definition of the religions of the many ] ... IS INSTEAD leading to a deeper appreciation of what UNITES US [my definition of THE SCIENCE of THE ONE]

A.C. Grayling's recent Mindfields Commentary has referred to Frederick Jackson Turner's "frontier thesis " in the context of ... Where no one has gone before ... by drawing attention to the fact that ...

"The seabed is one of two

last frontiers on Earth ...

Quantum physics and consciousness

The other is consciousness"

and consciousness in an alternative medium

As Frederick Jackson Turner saw, a society that explores is in little danger of becoming stale. That applies to a society's collective intelligence as well as its scientific muscle: they both need to be challenged and exercised.

set of guidelines, to light the way forward, has been established, than by Sarah Ross and her 8 signposts ...

How will we know we are addressing the actual complexity of issues?

Two signposts will indicate ‘we the people’ realize we all have hands-on work to do, including changes in our own behaviors.


Signpost 1: We realize official policy alone is insufficient to fix problems.


Signpost 2: We realize voting is only one tiny part of the work that ‘ordinary citizens’

of all kinds must do to fix problems.


How will we know when we are generating wisdom or collective intelligence?

Two signposts will indicate wisdom in our speech and thinking.


Signpost 3: We notice that our public issues-talk is less and less characterized by

mere opinions, assertions, biases, single-cause diagnoses, fact-wars, and blaming.


Signpost 4: We notice that we are doing better at evaluating whether reasoning —

our own or others’—is well explained and how much of an issue’s complex causation

it recognizes.


How will we know when we are generating, or listening to, wisdom?

Two signposts will give us important clues.


Signpost 5: We notice that simplistic logics and slick slogans no longer seduce us.


Signpost 6: We notice we have become patient with, and genuinely interested in analyses that are more complex and contextually nuanced, and try to understand them.


How will we know when our efforts are truly participatory and diverse beyond just counting how many people are involved?

Two signposts will indicate (r)evolutionary shifts.


Signpost 7: Perspective-taking skills—e.g., flexibility to suspend preferences long

enough to hypothetically walk in diverse others’ shoes—are showing up in dialogues,

deliberations, and policy-making practices.


Signpost 8: Our cultures support the development of perspective-taking skills by

expecting us to use them.


Voters of the USA BE AWARE

and awaken to


in your country's role

as the "world's policeman",

to the need for ...


BE NOT AFRAID that Barack Obama will or will not provide you with individual short term solutions but that he can lead the way to truly OPEN DISCUSSION of ALL the 21st century issues that cloud the way to a NEW SOLUTION for the mutual benefit of the COLLECTIVE GLOBAL COMMUNITY as




First posted by Michael Grove on August 22, 2008 at 16:30
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Michael : catalyst-producer

2 days later

Michael said

Team GB's, once in 100 years, across the board performance, at the Beijing Olympic Games, has established the equitable marker for ALL to follow in this 21st Century … as was previously the case with Oliver Cromwell and The Commonwealth, Josiah Wedgewood and The Industrial Revolution & Winston Churchill and the 2nd World War in times past.

As is often the case IT IS the inspirational leadership of a single individual which acts as the catalyst to move the entirety of the situation to a ”higher plane”.

This ”higher plane” would be exemplified by an ALL INCLUSIVE MIND-SET, which would act as the necessary catalyst for the CREATION of a COLLECTIVE GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

Albert : Warrior

2 days later

Albert said


20 days later

cHAngeL said

Yes we can…

We must…

Looks so much like you, Michael :)

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

This ”higher plane” would be exemplified by an ALL INCLUSIVE MIND-SET,

which would act as the necessary catalyst for the CREATION of a …


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