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Expanding multi-dimensional world views

ALL Hail to Andrew Cohen ! - and his views of authentic SELF 

( ... and then just type in authentic self into the search box - and explore)

but WE must never forget that everything [IS] connected to everything else and that in this modern world of inter-networked connections that as individuals

You ARE what You GOOGLE

On our travels towards authentic self - it would be appropriate to consider some
further ideas of using the triangular prism model to map the evolving states/stages
of personal development.


Carl Jung said that

- symbols are the products of a collective human subconscious -
in the absense of any ALL inclusive 3D model of integral development -
in this age of super sophisticated 3D modelling and fly-through animation
techniques - here's my individual take of the problem.

Perhaps there will be more than a few of you out there who could collaborate on a
collective solution !

Transmitting information through abstract signs - such as semaphore - is not instinctive - but the result of multi-dimensional conscious thought .....

SO get them grey cells working and any/all comments would be most appreciated ...
Previously posted by Michael Grove @zaadz September 15th 2006

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Comment by Michael Grove on July 17, 2014 at 14:44

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