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Hail to Plotinus ! - master of non-duality-of-the-universe of his day
Hail to Nagarjuna ! - for his doctrine of emptiness

Yogiraj Siddhanath-Your essential nature is Nothingness

Some ideas of using an expanding ( level by level ) triangular prism model -

to map the evolving states/stages/levels/lines/types of personal development -

summarised by Umberto Eco - famous for The Name of the Rose - the 1986

Italian-French-German drama mystery film of which utilised Escher's concepts

as per his - ascending & descending/relativity/house of stairs.



Angels do not speak for they understand each other through a sort of

instantaneous mental reading, and they know everything they are allowed

to know .... not by any use of language but by watching the divine MIND

                                                                                                 Dante Alighieri


Which is all good stuff in the pursuit of "mindfulness " -

"Bringing your attention back to what is real can become a spiritual

practice, known as mindfulness. Mindfulness can be made into a way of

life, and when it is, transformation becomes a way of life too, as natural

and unforced as anyone could wish."

                                Super Brain p249 - Deepak Chopra & Rudolph Tanzi


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Ian Gardner : Mystic*

about 11 hours later
Ian Gardner said

Hello Michael,

I have visited and read, or tried to read, all your blogs todate and am sorry to say that most of it I fail to comprehend - not my 'language' so to speak. But that does not matter because others obviously do. For my part though, I recognise the TRUTH in some of the 'simple' statements e.g. that about the angels immediately above, and that of Carl Jung elsewhere. You certainly have been busy. Keep up the good work, my friend.


Michael : catalyst-producer

11 months later
Michael said

… and here we are 40 years later, contemplating the fact that - virtual

experience is clearly a tool that will be a growing part of life from now on

… on the very day that the author of 2001: Space Odyssey - Arthur C. Clarke

has died in Columbo, Sri Lanka at the age of 90. The first person to propose

geostationary communications satellites, Clarke's novels often reveal a realistic

appreciation of orbital mechanics. After working on wartime radar, Clarke

published an article in Wireless World in 1945 in which he foresaw a global

communications network, including worldwide television, linked by relay

stations in geosynchronous orbits. This was 12 years before the first satellite

was launched, 20 years before the first geosynchronous communications

satellite (Early Bird), and 40 years before direct broadcast satellites fulfilled

his prediction of beaming television straight into people's homes.

ALL hail to Arthur C. Clarke and may HE REST IN PEACE.

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later
Michael said

Having expanded my AlphaINDEX of Stories to include Martha's 'piece' on

her thoughts of interlinking  with other people's personal alphaindexes in

some way … I was pleased to have re-read On this anniversary … to remind

me to tell YOU ALL that the AlphaINDEX of Stories, in mobius strip format,

would be established as an integral thread of the ipSphere protocol,

to stimulate, promote and execute the collection of that proportion of the

profits, collectable through every related IP transaction, which would

ensure the survival of LIFE on EARTH ; to reflect, initially, both the

old order and new order experiences of the people.

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Comment by Michael Grove on June 21, 2011 at 9:55

Inner Transparency


If you want to become an enlightened person, if you long for inner

freedom and if you are so audacious as to aspire to take responsibility

for evolution's next step, you simply cannot afford for your

awareness to be obscured by the ego's agendas or by the

unconscious and habitual beliefs and expectations of your culture.

For those of us who have awakened to the mysterious impulse to

evolve, and who understand that the destiny of the interior of the

cosmos is dependent upon our conscious evolution, cultivating inner

transparency becomes a matter of great urgency. If you are deeply

committed to this evolutionary endeavour, you find that you want

to face everything and avoid nothing, because the last thing you

would want is to act out of some unconscious egoic motive in such

a way that would obstruct your own development.

So you begin to cultivate awareness as if your life depended on it,

because when your life is dedicated to the evolution of

consciousness and culture, it does.

                                                               ~ Andrew Cohen

Comment by Michael Grove on February 24, 2013 at 9:16

MINDFULNESS is a form of mental activity that trains 

the mind to become aware of awareness itself and to 

pay attention to one's own attention.


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