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   ONE of the most difficult of the USAF special operations with the CIA 

   was the campaign to support the Tibetan guerrilla army that waged a

   decade-long war to oppose the Chinese invasion of their country which

   began in 1950. [IT] was during 1959 that one of the most dramatic joint

   operations of the CIA/USA took place, when US-trained Tibetan guerrillas,

   who had been flown back to Tibet after training outside the country, 

   helped the legitimate spiritual and state leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama,

   to escape the careful watch of the Chinese Army and make his way for

   hundred's of miles through tortuous mountain passes to the Indian


   Throughout that journey 
The Dalai Lama was guarded by the US-trained

   and equipped guerrillas and he and his escort were sustained continuously

   with supplies dropped by C-130 Hercules that, finally enabled his

   successful escape from the Chinese Communists. Since the Dalai Lama 

   fled Tibet and was given refuge in India, relations between India and the

   People's Republic of China have continued to deteriorate, following the

   Chinese takeover of Tibet and their subsequent unprovoked invasive crossing

   of the border into India, which was a direct response to India providing

   sanctuary for the Dalai Lama and his government in exile.

   There [IS] no need these days however • with the advent of Tim Berners-Lee's

   free-gift to humanity of the World Wide Web • for the Chinese even to think

   about the need of a.n.other 'invasive crossing of a geographical border,

   when with the advanced utilisation of the 'internetwork of networks ' an

   opponents cyber-security can [BE] literally invaded with the actioning of a

   Computer Keyboard Command Line !!!???

   Always assuming of course that the world does not

  awaken to the prescient warnings of  Jaron Lanier



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Comment by Michael Grove on November 29, 2018 at 8:30

The former head of the Armed Forces has backed a proposal by a leading think tank to create a special unit based at the Ministry of Defence which is dedicated to identifying and assessing emerging military threats. "Britain needs to rediscover the mentality that helped to win the Cold War if we are to deal effectively with emerging threats like Russia and Iran,” said Lord Richards of Herstmonceux in an exclusive interview with The  Telegraph.

"All too often in recent years, Britain has found  itself being caught by surprise by the actions of hostile states, whether it is Russian acts of aggression in Crimea and Ukraine, or Iranian meddling in the affairs of pro-Western Arab countries, such as the Gulf states.”

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