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  I Am Ahau,

  I Am that I Am,

  Inexhaustible supply of love,

       sourcing infinitely in all worlds,

       the seed of solar mastery

       containing the stellar hologram of your return,

  I am the Sun's love made visible as you.

  In Ecstatic ascent, I spread solar wings,

       awakening in you the immensity of a love,

       that joins all things in the joyful dance of light.  

  I Am, that I Am.

  In this wisdom, you already embody the light

       of a hundred Suns.

  Shine forth the truth, the power of wholeness,

       child of the Sun!

  I Am Ahua,

       luminous diamond of pure solar consciousness!

  Let each facet of your [BE]ing be crystal clear

       reflecting the joys of love's perfect presence

       in beauty, joy and power.

  I Am the effulgent bliss of solar harmony,

       sweet serenade of the cosmic symphony to its Source.

  I Am the taste of love's ambrosial nectar,

       pouring forth through all of Creation, as billions of stars

       forming the radiant body of the cosmic dancer

       spinning universes through time and space.

  I Am the revelation of the truth, souring at light speed

       within the elegant resonance of stillness.

  I Am the garden of the heart's true delight

       revealed within the splendour of the solar lord.

  I Am Ahua, the golden ecstatic one.

  I Am yourself - there IS NO OTHER!

                           THE MAYAN ORACLE - Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner

As Elza S. Maalouf has so succinctly proposed in her recent contribution to the Huffington Post ...

"The values of the industrial age are just emerging in the Middle East under the umbrella of the age of technology and knowledge. Arab cultures have no choice but to advance in this global world. As a once second generation Arab Nationalist who now works on emergence and geopolitical reform in Arab cultures, I have longed for this day to come.

Since the end of colonial rule we in the Middle East have taken several shots at defining ourselves and our nations. We haphazardly embraced Marxism and Socialism, copying ideas that did not fit our cultural values. My generation believed that the road map to democracy in our region should not come from bloodshed but rather from building capacities in Arab people and institutions in the culture. Unfortunately, our political-clannish leaders who were embroiled in the history of the region were not interested in making our vision a reality. We were defeated. Our aspirations were crushed as we left our homeland in droves seeking opportunities in other parts of the world. Those who couldn't leave watched the oppression fester for years as it took the lives and the freedom of hundreds of thousands of people."



    [BE]ing AWARE of AWARENESS [IT]self









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