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Comment by Michael Grove on February 7, 2012 at 14:27


Bridget Riley is about the changes - progressive, sometimes abrupt, sometimes apparently disastrous - that can take place in a given situation.

The situation is presented in the simplest possible terms

            John Russell - Sunday Times - September 1963

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Bridget Riley's art is that it "insists" with such concentration that it changes sensory response into something else.

The experience which Riley offers is closely related to the expression of emotion or, more exactly, to the creation of visual analogues for sharply particularized states of

The very intensity of the assault which her painting makes on the eye drives it, as it were, past the point at which it is merely a matter of optical effect.

It becomes acute physical sensation, apprehended kinesthetically as mental tension or mental release, anxiety or exhileration, heightened self-awareness or heightened awareness of unfamiliar or even alien states of being.

                                                    Bridget Riley Catalogue introduction - David Thompson
                                                                                            Venice Biennale, June 1968

Comment by Michael Grove on September 14, 2012 at 17:35


From small self to big Self

Enlightenment is a metaphysical transition from small self to big Self. After I met my last teacher and this shift happened to me, suddenly I found I was seeing myself from a completely different vantage point. I no longer saw the world from within the prison of my small self. Now I saw my small self from outside it. And this outside position included the whole universe. To say I was amazed is an understatement. I was in a state of awe and wonder at the spectacular turn of events, shift in perspective, and profound self-transformation. Now my sense of self was literally enormous. And this enormity was inclusive. The once-tiresome and mundane melodrama of my personal identity had broken wide open and suddenly felt like it was the thrilling journey of the entire cosmos. My own life now felt like it was one with all of life and my sense of self had transformed in such a way that now I wanted to embrace or include as many others in this newfound consciousness as I could.

—Andrew Cohen



Comment by Michael Grove on December 17, 2012 at 22:16

IF any insight is to arise from the above - it is that as soon as we ALL AWAKEN to the TRUTH there will be no more need for either Priests or Politicians - and no better proof of that statement has been provided than - "FROM A PIONEER IN THE FIELD OF MENTAL HEALTH" and his groundbreaking book on the HEALING POWER OF 'MINDSIGHT' - the capacity for INSIGHT and EMPATHY that allows one, as an integral part of the ONE, to make positive changes in your brain - such that THE MIND is in control of the BRAIN - NOT the BRAIN in control of the MIND.


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