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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

IF a Blockchain/Cryptocurrency mind[SET]...

  ... cannot get [IT]'s ACT together with regard to & respect

  for THE VERY RIGHTS of The People by way of our original

  WWW, what chance ever [IS] there for of that self-same

  MINDSET based WEB 3.0 providing any improvement

  whatsoever !!!???

  To explain further, the 3 dimensional path travelled

  from A-B in New York, by the three people in the

  picture to the right, indicated by the stream of white

  light, in the transparent box beneath correlated

  exactly with the way that I always saw the "future"

  take-off path of an aircraft from Gatwick, flying to

  Jersey for example, in the context of potential 'conflicts'

  with the paths of other aircraft, all of which I used to

  manipulate in my head, in relation to the moment by

  moment information, which was being fed to my brain

  by, at first primary radar and hand-written words &

  numbers 'information-strips' and subsequently

  secondary radar, supported by increasingly

  sophisticated data communication systems.

  [THE] Genesis of in[SIGHT] in[DEED] Gregory

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