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SYSTEMS ONLY work because of the CONTENT...

...NOT the structure and as you know there were more than enough really good guys who were SO pissed off by Brian selling to GAIA, that they jumped ship and that DOES NO THING for the enhancement of communication to which I
AM STILL convinced GAIA IS “nailed to the mast”, so to speak.

As you are well aware I LOVE American pragmatism, BUT I AM English, Tim Berners Lee IS English and both of us remain forever divided from the USA as ...

TWO nations divided by the same language with all its multitudinous variations of interpretations of “sets of words”.

YOU WOULD ALL [BE] VERY WISE, however, to consider very very seriously the consequences of this particularly relevant "set of words

My very very very kindest regards Michael

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Comment by Michael Grove on March 17, 2024 at 15:58
Quantum physically, the Vector Equilibrium represents the ultimate and perfect state in which the movement of energy comes into perfect balance. [IT] IS also seen as the starting point of all energy and the conceptual geometry of the zero point, the vacuum of our space, and the Unified Field In Physics, equilibrium arises if the vector sum of all forces acting upon a particle or rigid body [IS] 'O' ZERO...

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