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  of reading the AWESOME first chapter of Matthew Fox's THE A.W.E Project •

  [RE]inventing Education • [RE]inventing the Human • and the realisation of

  its particular significance, as a reflexion of my own left-handed, dyslexic,

  journey of life, has been a palpable revelation. [IT] IS doubly so in the

  context of it's publication date, coinciding with the beginnings of my own

  revelation's @*zaadz and it's reference to the Dalai Lama and Rabbi

  Abraham Heschel's undoubted understanding of the understanding that:

 "Learning is not for life; Learning IS LIFE."

  As Matthew Fox himself says "This means that when we cease to learn we

  cease to live. To [BE] ALIVE is to [BE] LEARNING. Sad to say, I have met many

  people - no few in positions of considerable power and responsibility -

  who long ago ceased to learn. [IT] also means that when we learn we fill up

  with life. One proof that education is in crisis is that so few students or

  teachers or administrators find it fun anymore. Or delicious. Or playful.

  Or accessible."

  I would conclude 
with the poignant words of Lord Sacks, former Chief Rabbi:



  THE A.W.E. Project provides a VISION of TRANSITION for the

  future sustainable survival of ALL LIFE on y[our] pale blue dot -

  never forgetting of course that there are always 'self-serving forces'

  at bay which mitigate the establishment of that transition. In the context

  of Sir Ken Robinson's perspective on education and creativityno better

  perspective of these 'self-serving forces', has been created in his mind,

  than that proffered by Ralph Steadman in his Art Work; and his own very

  particular take on the 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights'. 

  As most 
of you are already well aware Leonardo da Vinci provided an

  early influence, in regard to my study of Art at Grammar Schoolwhich

  has subsequently been very much enforced  by Steadman's own 

  life long appreciation of  Leonardo da Vinci.  


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