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     ... of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, to its intimate "connessione with nature"

     • as result of y[our] species evolution of consciousness, over the

     last fifty millennia • IS manifesting itself, because of just one of the

     many keys to understanding, which IS the need to acknowledge the

     concept of ... SEEKING LESS and LESS about MORE and MORE

     • NOT  MORE and MORE about LESS and LESS. 

     THE three dots [•••] of course, represent PAST, PRESENT

     which as the passengers of Spaceship Earth, encapsulated in their

     own BIOSPHERE of LIFEtravel in a cascading spiral throughout this

     ONE COSMOS of ours, NEVER in the same place in space/time,    

     the insight of perception arises that ... 

• FUTURE • can be understood as ONE [•] 

     THE ONE [•] SPACE in "DEED", which can provide, moment by moment,

     THE ART of the POSSIBLE "connessione with nature" between every

     one of the passengers of Spaceship Earth [•] a yin & yang space, where

      the NEW WORLD GAME of Earth-centric LIFE can BE played for the

     mutual benefit of the KOSMIC DANCE of the MIND 


     Facebook has established the seed of potential germination of 

     THE ONLY realistically significant Social Networking SURFACE, on

     and around which the passengers of Spaceship Earth, can project

     their works of art as a GLOBAL T.E.A.M. to build an alternative 

       system of LIFE, on planet Earth, which will ensure an appropriately

     "MINDFUL of GAIA" solution for HUMANITY's 

    continued existence on y[ourpale blue dot.

    THE FIFTH INITIATIVE is the name of the Company Collective of

      Individuals, who as a T.E.A.M. of SOULS UNITED in 'UNICITY', are

      destined to leave their mark with a [TIME]line-scrapbook time-capsule

      of their lives, immortalizing [us] for future generations, to read about

      and continue evolving the basic grassroots model we are the first

      generation to establish by ... THINKING GLOBALACTING LOCAL

      PLANNING LONG TERM and ACTING NOW  [in 4D]™ as a result of

      becoming aware of the need to embody the mindset-SWITCH to

      Freespace 4D - never forgetting that A VISION for CHANGE must

      focus initially on the motivation to rendezvous with destiny.  

      The REALITY IS that DESTINY IS that which one discovers ... IF every

      opportunity, with which you are faced, is responsibly and positively

      acted upon in all humility. FATE IS what you are faced with if you don't.


      As Lord Sachs the Chief Rabbi has so succinctly proposed ...


         IT IS therefore, nOw TIME for homo sapiens sapiens to

       establish a Freespace 4D understanding of MORE and

       MORE about LESS and LESS [in4D]™


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