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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

UNREASONABLE to propose that the 600 or so forebears - of what

has become our evolved modern day species, who migrated north

following the end of the last period of cataclysmic climate change,

from their HOME in the Pinnacle Point Caves of modern day South

Africa - had themselves evolved the embodiment of the values and

principles of nature, in accordance with the cycle of NATURAL TIME

NO better exemplification of the YIN and YANG TAIJI 'cycle of life '

can be demonstrated, than the FLOWING ACTION of the meditation

in MOVEMENTS involved during the, dantian driven, cloud hands,

Taijiquan exercise of TWO BIRDS FLYING; which mirrors the path

of the ants along the 4D surface of Escher's extremely insightful 

interpretation of the Mobius Strip.

AS HumanKIND begins to truly understand  the consequences of

consequences of THE COMPLEX SYSTEM of NATURE - IT IS most

indubitably TIME to confront our collective mindset of denial of

Y[OUR] intimate 'connessione' with NATURE by OPENING the BOX

such that HumanKIND - as custodians of ALL LIFE on our planet of

'the pale blue dot' - can DO THAT which iS necessary to ensure

the sustainable survival of  EVERYTHING that NATURE intended.

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