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 TIME waits for no man/woman and any farmer,

 gardener, horticulturalist or allotmenteer, will

 confirm that NATURE only gives back that

 which HumanKIND puts in, in the first place.  

THE ONE THING that history teaches us, IS that our large brained homo

sapiens forebears, were as resourceful in their understanding of 'the theory

of everything' as indeed HumanKIND is today. If one single item were to be

chosen to exemplify the TRUTH of this statement - in juxtaposition to the

multitude of other proofs, from the pyramids, through aqueducts, to the

terracotta army - IT would be the Antikythera...  a timepiece/computer

mechanism? - an ancient Greek clockwork machine which was found in a

shipwreck more than a hundred years ago, by sponge divers at the bottom

of the sea near the island of Antikythera - that has taken more than a

century to decipher. It astonished the whole international community of 

experts on the ancient world.  

Was it an astrolabe ?  Was it an orrery or an astronomical clock ?

Or just something else 

The events that are happening across our planet are a direct result

of the ACTIONS of our species' - interdependence with NATURE, as

CIRCUMSTANCE of NATURE - as a consequence of the consequences

of the very evolution of  NATURE ITSELF - namely ...

which IS our very own UNIVERSE ...

which has 'magically' created A PLACE, within the Oort Cloud, which

IS the solar system that has provided for the development, over several

billion years, of the intelligent life-form which IS HumanKIND

As Barbara Max Hubbard has recently stated ... 

"Conscious evolution is the awakening of humanity to our next stage of consciousness. As we know, evolution has been unfolding for billions of years in the greatest mystery story ever imaginable. Yet the creatures who participated in evolution were not aware of evolution. Now, comes a new humanity, who is not only aware of evolution, but aware we are affecting our own evolution by everything that we do, and even more, are becoming aware that WE ARE EVOLUTION.

Conscious evolution becomes evolution by choice not chance."

ALL of the accelerated changes - in the context of where our planet's weather/climatechooses to manifest itself as a consequence of the global/interplanetary/oort cloud influence - are just that, "accelerated"

IT has ever been the case that the forebears of our forebears have followed, the course of nature, in synchrony with it - Homo Erectus following the animals/food into the Middle East and then onwards to Asia and Indonesia, as Homo Neanderthalensis followed into Europe - until, following the massive climate changes in Africa, 600 of our direct Homo Sapiens forebears, cut off from their animal meat supplies, took residence in the caves of Pinnacle Point and developed an appetite for seafood, fish, herbs and berries, whilst studying the movement of stars of the night and the seasons of change, as well as the size of their brains and more advanced cognitive understanding, they also followed the paths of Neandertalensis and Erectus to become the species that we are today.

THE SPiRALogic of [RE]FORMATION [] Freespace 4D  in4D™ 

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