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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

OF my own CONNECTIVITY to past historical events and the

consequences of consequences of those events which play out

in the lives of our species, day by day, on this pale blue dot.

My parental and grand-parental influence, my education at St Johns and

Saffron Green Primary and Borehamwood Grammar schools followed by

my training as a pilot and air traffic controller, honed a very deep and 

wide empathic understanding of the relevance of this connectivity, to the

point where I have always given priority to the understanding of other

people's perspectives, as the foundation stones of my own. I was often

accused by others, such as Chris Curry however, that I was ...

"too free with 
my information"

to which I invariably replied that I had "many a life-times's worth of

information to divulge to others and still more than enough to spare".


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