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Worked with the BBC, Philips & the EEC to develop and implement the "Domesday" project. Developed, the "Volcano" interactive videodisc on behalf of Oxford University Press. 

worked with the BBC, Philips & the EEC to develop and implement the "Domesday" project.
I was also involved in convincing the Board of OUP to develop an electronic interactive version of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) which then led to the use of CD-ROM technology. having already demonstrated my prototype system to the Board of Encyclopaedia Brittanica, who had flown from the USA to see it but  then concluded that my solution was ...  
"no better than smoke and mirrors !!!"  

so what in[DEED] did they KNOW!!!??? 

Helped to establish a nationwide network of  
Interactive Videodisc Training Systems for Lloyds Bank plc - which were originally based on the RandD version of the Acorn Business Computer.
Its resemblance to Apple's later - " Chic, not Geek "
iMac G3 product IS quite striking!

- as Jonathan Ive @ Tangerine & thence Apple would no doubt confirm.
Hence from the -
Eight years after the iPod, the iPad arrived.
Pundits and readers alike predicted it would be a flop.
Some made up their minds before it was even official.
But the concept was strong. An iPhone-like tablet.
The design was inevitable, revealed in a 2004 patent.
The naysayers were proved wrong - QUICKLY.
Over 3 million were sold in the first 3 months.
15 million were sold in the first year.
Today, after two years, over 67 million.
Bet on 100 million by next year.
and subsequently asking -

Why is the iPad SO successful ?




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Michael : catalyst-producer

2 days later
Michael said

Other than Rex Beddis - I must also pay tribute to Rod Lord for his creation of the OUP opening graphics and the superb 3D animation of all the aspects of plate tectonics for the Volcano videodisc - which was of course finally converted into Domesday format

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Comment by Michael Grove on October 24, 2012 at 18:23

Comment by Michael Grove on October 24, 2012 at 18:26

Apple today updated its iMac lineup, dramatically reducing the thickness of the desktop machines and adding a brand new Fusion Drive that combines flash storage and a traditional disk-based hard drive to maximize both speed and capacity - as well as two "thunderbolt" ports.

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