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 IT HAS forever been the case that the ELITIST POWER of MIND-CONTROL

 over the masses has RULED SUPREME • which has [NOW] culminated with the,

 FACTS of REALITY with which 7.5 BN members of y[our] species are faced • as

 we individually and collectively stare into THE ABYSS of the very potential of

 self-destruction, during this INTERNET-ERA of DATA, which I would suggest

 has now become manifest as the last renaissance of cascading renaissances,

 that Tim Berners Lee has freely provided by way of the World Wide Web.


 The Freespace [in4D]™ which we individually and collectively seek to

 establish, as an extension of that freely given World Wide Web • IS to

 all intents and purposes, THE mechanism of education by which the

 masses will awaken to the TRUTH of the FACTS of REALITY, behind the

 cloak of deception and denial with which human[KIND] IS FACED, as a

 result of establishing a GLOBAL ALPHA index of ALPHA indexes of

 stories, of EACH & everyone of the passengers of  Spaceship Earth.


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Comment by Michael Grove on April 14, 2017 at 6:30

"Rats! I want to STOP link jumping because where I really am is only trying to understand that one point on the original page, and I've got to get back to the original page!!!" This mindset is ultimately stressful! So, today I said to myself, "Just follow links and learn something. That's all you have to do.

You don't have to go back or "go" anywhere. Just ENJOY yourself. It's not as if you will "get lost." So, I did. Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop.... who knows where all I went. Not caring, not thinking that much, just ripping around. And then I realized something. Everywhere I went was a place that you had already been! There's something tremendous in that, you know? I even found places that I had already been and posted comments on and then forgotten all about, and you had been there too, and there's what you said and what I said... and then the metaphor of the quilt came up, and I saw that if I follow your links, it's as if you have sewn the world for me...


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