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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

  the Church of England and subsequently, in the vain of Jung and

  Spinoza, continued the journey of my own destiny, to truly

  know myself & search for an understanding of what emphatically

  drives our so-called spiritual involvement with the KOSMOS •

  [IT] was inevitable that the universe should seem that it was

  in[DEED] fit that I was to be the air traffic controller involved

  with the hijacking of EL AL Flight 219 from Amsterdam on the

  6th September 1970, by Lelia Khaled and Patrick Argüello, and

  responsible for delivering Lelia Khaled safely into custody.

 insightful continuation of my journey of life thence

  [BE]came one of discovering that, in line with the fact that

  Christianity has tens of thousands of denominations at a time

  when a cold war

  rages between Sunni and Shia Islam and  that I have come to

  think of Jesus as Jesus not Jesus as Christ; I have decided

  that the message of Buddha IS really what that spiritual

  connessione IS ALL ABOUT and that at the end of the day




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