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 TIME waits for NO MAN - but WHAT IS TIME

   Everything to the left of the column of dates, constitutes man-made

  constructs of interpretations of TIME and their relevance to the very

  survival of [y]our species, as passengers of Spaceship Earththe data

  to the right comprises a record of NATURE's STORY of reaction to ever

  increasing atmospheric temperatures, as a result of the irresponsible

  actions of those passengers being led by a predominately patriarchal

  OLD ORDER MINDSET of self-aggrandisement, greed and corruption.

   "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men

   living together in society - they create for themselves, in

   the course of time, a legal system that authorises it and a

   moral code that glorifies it " - Frederik Bostiak

Whilst [re]flecting on the thoughts of other fascists who came to power

following the Great Depression of the 1930s, WE ARE at a CRITICAL TIME

in the process of development of the so called, SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP

twixt the USA and the UK; particularly in the context of Donald Trump's

ease of ascension to power and the possibility of him becoming the next 

President of the USA; with a potential hand on the button of the almost

total annihilation of all sentient life on planet earth, as we know it. 

Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party's first US President, must be

'screaming ' from his grave... and can you just imagine spending $700 

million dollars on the development of two golf courses in Scotland, in

contemplation of the amount of rain which has fallen there recently, other

than through a pair of very particularly greed-tinted spectacles !!!???

In the con[text] of ART the friendship based on Churchill's and 

Eisenhower's love of art - and Eisenhower's warning of the demise of the

Republic as a result of NOT coming to terms with the consequences of 

consequences of the military industrial complex - it is fitting for me to

dedicate my own particular perspective of ZEN Ikebana, in respectful

remembrance of those souls who tragically died as a result of the life 

changing events of 9/11.


AS I CONTEMPLATE the coming to an end of my Journey of Two Lives,

I AM SURE that you ALL understand  that my third life, will see me steeped

in the ACTIONS REQUIRED to fully implement, on behalf of the passengers

of Spaceship Earth, that which I have envisioned from a child, as the most

appropriate "IDEAL SYSTEM" for the sustainability of ALL LIFE on [y]our

planet earth at the core of the entirety of [Y]OUR COLLECTIVE KOSMOS.



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