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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

    in4D [] MIND, BODY and ACTION

  • working as a T.E.A.M. to address

  homo sapiens sapiens D.I.M.[ability

  of DENIAL IGNORANCE • MIS[understanding]


   BY effectively taking down the historic 4th WALL that kept us
   separate from NATURE and BY embracing the very fact that •
   WHAT IS Possible nOw, has never been possible before
   ALL the passengers of Spaceship Earth in Freespace 4D • 
   are embarking on a new collective relationship with NATURE,
   which establishes a timeless zone for communication and
   commerce [in4D]™ by realising the dream of a common
   language [in4D]™ and the whole IDEA is to reclaim y[our]
   species lost relationship, as a constituent component of NATURE,
   through a permanent manifestation of the original concept
   of The ART of the POSSIBLE • that's Gregory's SPiRALogic.



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Comment by Michael Grove on August 12, 2016 at 9:13

  Codex Silenda is a five page book that features five intricate

  puzzles. The user must solve each page’s puzzle to unlock it and

  access the next one. Constructed completely from lasercut wood,

  this puzzle book also features a short story of an apprentice in

  Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop. The Codex acts as a trap and as a

  test to see whether or not the apprentice is worthy of Da Vinci’s

  tutelage; can you help him escape the Codex and discover it’s

  secrets within?

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