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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

      When we arrive on the NEW EARTH, we will be

      entering into a new relationship with NATURE

        We will already have come to see Nature as a “living” [BE]ing

        or Reality and we will have some experience of connecting

        with that reality and will certainly have great respect and

        honor for that reality that we call “nature”. The energetic

        and light body shifts that we have been experiencing for

        the last 10 years or longer, have been designed to free us

        from the old collective matrix and redesign our DNA so

        that we can function within this multi-dimensional reality       

        that is based on the 5D Earth. The New Earth social pattern

        will be based on respect for the Earth and working together

        in communities that honor these ideas.  The central theme

        of each community will be Love, and that will be love for

        the self, for each other, and for all life on Earth.  These

        communities will teach the children how to grow up in this

        New Earth Reality and how to use the magic that flows

        through their bodies to create what they need. 

                                                                        Celia Fenn

capable of manipulating 3D SPACE in TIME within my head • without the need for mind-enhancing drugs • 
IS in[DEED] a STORY of the struggle of a boy coming to terms with BEING an alien on the planet to which he had been born, playing to the beat of a different DRUM. [IT] was following the start of my daily journey with my mother, climbing hand in hand up Highgate Hill on our way to my nursery school, shortly after my 4th birthday, that I clearly remember having my first hallucinogenic dream, of crossing Tower Bridge whilst it was opening, and not being able to stop walking until I fell into the River Thames, and then having reached the river-bed, met a goat and started having a conversation with it. As you can well imagine I have never felt a need to smoke anything for mind-enhancing purposes, and as far as utilising virtual reality within my head is concerned, it became very useful during the time when I was practicing the art of flying an aeroplane and my duties as an Operational Air Traffic Controller.


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Comment by Michael Grove on May 12, 2018 at 9:33

  3D citiZEN4D journey of 5D TRANSITION

    The symbolism of THIS most special bridge is that IT IS and will

    ever be, divided - by the "empty space" through which the tow-

    rope passed - as the horse to which it was harnessed - pulled the

    canal boat under the bridge and on it's watery way. Standing on the

    bridge with ALL our collective hands joined will allow US to

    traverse that empty space between ALL our individual SELVES - so

    that we may ALL join hands as ONE to "bridge  the empty space

    between us ...

    the bridge will then become "THE Bridge" of ONE LOVE
    and oversee the "lubrication" of - the desert within.

    10 to the Power of 10 Equality of Thinking Environments to
     provide the scaleability to encompass 10 billion souls as ONE soul.


Comment by Michael Grove on May 12, 2018 at 11:41

I well remember that my obsession with the need for music as a necessary fourth channel to accompany my 3 dimensional reality experiences, led to the building of a Hi-Fi stereo bench system as a teenager at Grammar School, on which I played Ravel's Bolero incessantly, much to the constant annoyance of my mother, understandably.

The all [RE]claimed-mahogany bench had a seat in the middle of a loudspeaker box either side of me, one with the deck in it, with an opening top, and the other with an amplifier etc. and in that way I could enjoy the Hi-Fi stereophonic sound bouncing off the wall opposite. 

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