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 ALL that I have personally experienced, with respect to

 the issues which Rachel Carson first identified in her

 masterpiece SILENT SPRING, as well as the conclusions

 of the The China–Cornell–Oxford Project, which led to

 the publication of T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study,

 I was quite literally gobsmacked to read an article over

 the BANK holiday weekend in The Telegraph entitled …

 Millennials 'have no qualms about

 GM crops' unlike older generation

 . . . and surprise surprise, there were only 1600 of these

 so called millennials who voted this way, when asked by

 the Agricultural Biotechnology Council, an organisation

 of ever-vested-interest companies, whose justification

 for the increased use of GMO, is predicated on their 

 own mis-judged advice that ... 

 "There will be 9 billion people on the planet by 2050

   and critical resources, such as land, water and energy,

   will become scarcer" 

   ... having read only recently a.n.other article
   posted by Bloomberg, which declared that ...
 "The Population Bomb Has Been Defused and that  
  The Earth and humanity will survive as fertility
  rates fall almost everywhere."


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