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The single most important thing that I learnt, very early on in my life, was

that all science and scientists, have eventually been proved wrong in their

analysis and understanding of the evolutionary processes of life on

[y]our pale blue dot. If I were asked to recommend but ONE and ONLY ONE,

2 hour long piece of FILM/VIDEO, to be watched by every last one of the

passengers of Spaceship Earth, as the supreme example of our intimate

connessione” with the workings of our planet on a year by year basis, it

would be NOVA’s Earth from Space. The three persons to have established

the most significant threads of understanding, throughout my three score

years and ten, are Carl Gustav Jung, William L. Shirer and Robert Pirsig.

Jung because of the “glue of life ”, Shirer because of the “facts of life” and

Pirsig for the “reality of life”. Kurzweil was just one of the many that I have

followed, since first deciding at grammar school that Jung espoused the

way that I should follow and that Freud was already yesterday’s man. I was

attracted to Kurzweil by his commitment to the concept of simulated

reality, whilst being unconvinced of his AI proposals - I was part of the

team who compiled the very first tome on AI in the UK, whose final draft

and first print run made absolutely no reference whatsoever to

visual/aural communication; subsequent to my extensive involvement in

the BBC Computer Literacy Project, the OUP's OED and their urgent need

to improve on their words and pictures educational books by way of

what transpired to be their Volcano Videodisc Project, as a pre-cursor to

the OED CD-ROM Project. As a left-handed, gemini, dyslexic artist, whose

guidance on the subject came from Leonardo da Vinci, the AI Tome was

total rubbish to me. I know of Karl Pribam but do not know him. My focus

on William Shirer’s masterpiece, took me along the warp thread of Graves,

Beck & Cowan, Ken Wilber then SDi + MESHWORKS and eventually to

Elza Maalouf and Said Dalwani, whose work I believe, has already been

acknowledged by Bernie Sanders. In parallel to all of this my soul-mate,

Linnie and friends from grammar school all took to the route of medicine

for a career and Linnie qualified as a Radiographer. Needless to say we have

established a joint fascination, with the entirety of ourselves, which as a

result of reading Pirsig’s epics, have involved us with the thinking of the

LILA squad, the Dalai Lama, neurobiology and more recently Daniel Keown’s

Spark in the Machine” concepts, in parallel to our practice of Taijiquan;

and that the human body is an ecosystem in itself, being home to trillions of

microbes, and just like animals, plants and trees in the forest, the

different kinds of microbes in and on [y]our body interact with each other.  


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Comment by Michael Grove on August 11, 2019 at 22:37

Here we are again all of these years later, [BE]ing encouraged to

believe that AI IS the next BIG THING so to speak when the


IS NOW proposing to CREATE an ARTIFICIAL VERSION of [IT]self !!!

Comment by Michael Grove on May 12, 2020 at 22:10


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