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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

      are peerless and are unmatched by anything else under Heaven

       This English translation and in turn, the Chinese interpretation of the

       symbolic characters which are there for ALL to read, if they traverse

       the 6293 granite steps  leading to the summit of the, sacred to the

       Chinese, mountain of Taishan in Shandong province, are most

       definitively WORDS of WIDOM in[DEED].

       … IT IS for ALL members of our species, as individuals, to truly

       understand the underlying purpose of why those Chinese symbolic

       characters were carved into the stone in the first instance, before

       the goal of the wisdom of knowledge of understanding can be


       Only when the global collective, of those who have achieved this goal,

       represent  the majority of our species, will REAL CHANGE in the world


       KNOWLEDGE should [BE] FREE • such that Global, Collective, Associative,

       KNOWLEDGE becomes ... THE SOURCE of the WISDOM of KNOWLEDGE ...

       & as Ian Gardner has so succinctly proposed in THE MILK IS WHITE -

     WISDOM is like an ocean.  The ocean is fed by  
     streams and rivers from the land, by springs 
     from beneath and by rain from above ....
     and  [IT] IS the powerhouse of the EARTH.
    EXCELLENCE is a process, not just an outcome.



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Comment by Michael Grove on December 24, 2017 at 7:36

  Everything is about relationships.

  Things are as they are because of

  their relationships with everything

  else. You can't just look at anything

  in isolation.                   

                                                        Jack Laws


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