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My very first foray into social networking...

began with the launch of *zaadz thanks to Brian Johnson, which I first read about in an article in the magazine entitled What Is Enlightenment which I happened to [BE] reading on a return flight to the UK from somewhere in Europe, and subsequently this piece from C4Chaos.

IT] was of course THE DEMISE of ZAADZ as it was subsumed by GAIA that led to my creation of this my own Gaia Community at, which remains up and running to this day and accessible through any internet search engine as well as BY WAY OF my utilisation of Facebook as a SURFACE to PROJECT IDEAS of TRANSISTION • to that which Gregory has established as his LUCID INTERVAL and Freespace 4D Solutions.

IT IS APPARENT that the IDEA that it is POSSIBLE
flows from a state of "mindfulness" - and that
perhaps mindfulness comes naturally to dyslexics.
Never forgetting of course that Albert Einstein was
a right-brained dominant, left-handed dyslexic.



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Comment by Michael Grove on December 19, 2022 at 10:11

[IN] the context of the COP27 talks recently completed and the continuing saga of following through on the COP15 International Commitments, I would humbly suggest that THE VERY FUTURE OF HUMAN [BE]ings COLLECTIVELY ON EARTH has never been more at risk, as a direct result of the calamity of the situation, which has been established by y[OUR] so-called Lords & Masters

Comment by Michael Grove on December 19, 2022 at 10:28

The developed nations are locked to growth.
They know collapse is coming; some even
know collapse is here

Even Macron has spoken of 'the end of abundance'; yet none can act, especially alone. They are incapable of acting without losing political support (dumbed-down electorates, even in so-called 'educated democracies') and growth-oriented fascist and communist dictators in the rest. Too corrupt and in bed with corporations (limited corporate tax/ limited resource rent taxes etc) in virtually ALL governments, and where they do have a Sovereign Wealth Fund (Norway for example) they're still dependent on oil wealth and the vagaries of a complacent electorate... We are in collapse ... and need to start acting in accordance with reality.

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