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 Meenakshi : ~

 Meenakshi : ~

What is the theme of your Gaia blog?

First published 2nd September 2009


THE degree of absence of thinking  IS ...

THE arbiter of ultimate spiritual awareness 

in the context of the coming COP15 get-together

in Copenhagen, Denmark • which much of COP 14

was spent planning for • whilst the parties therein

gathered and agreed to submit their emission targets

and measures for 2020, in the interim.

Meenakshi said Sep 2, 2009, 9:31 PM:

Does your Gaia blog have a 'theme'? Even if all of them are about different topics, you might find that on the whole, you are giving a particular message to your readers.

In a phrase or a word or a sentence -

Can you describe the theme/message/purpose of your Gaia blog?

[And then, please feel free to expand on the theme].

[Take a look at yr blogs- you might be surprised at what you find!]

For discussion, if we like, and are mindful of each other's sensibilities, we could give our take on each others' theme. Let's play!

 Meenakshi : ~


Meenakshi said Sep 2, 2009, 9:38 PM:

First- how I thought about this- About a year ago, I decided to add a blidget [widget about my blogs] to my profile page, so that visitors could see my latest blogs from the profile page, without clicking on it.

Widgetbox asked for the theme of my blog; and I hummed and hawed and pondered and thought and then it came to me:

Living in Joyful Awareness

And that's the theme of my Gaia blog.

Yours? [and if you had to theme my blogs, what would you call it?]
Laurie : Energy Worker


Laurie said Sep 2, 2009, 10:11 PM:

The theme of my blogs would be: The Art of Abundant Living. And if I had to theme your blogs, I would call it … Between the Lines with Meenakshi.

Laurie : Energy Worker

Re: What is the theme of your Gaia blog?

Laurie said Sep 3, 2009, 3:25 AM:

“Speaking from the Heart” Ohhhhhhhhh, I like that. I really, really like that!

Jenny : Life Weaver


Jenny said Sep 3, 2009, 5:27 AM:

I didnt think I had much in my blog until I looked through all of it at once after your suggestion Meenakshi. I surprised myself. Its quite intense.

I think I'd call it “Personal Reflections”.

I tend to use it for my own reflective purposes not really as a presentation for others. Although I love when others are affected by my writing.

Its also for things I would like to discuss with people but dont want to foist my thoughts onto them in fear they will back off because the subjects are too challenging. In a blog, if people want to respond they can, if not, there is no expectation.

It is quite self-centred. It helps me come to terms with my work and other challenging issues in my life. Almost like journalling. Its a place I can express myself freely.

I only answer questions others suggest if I have an immediate internal response. Its quite self indulgent but I feel in a good way.

~Kes : be cause


~Kes said Sep 3, 2009, 6:08 AM:

When I was first learning the art of Blogs, WordPress, TypePad & Blogger started with “Hello World”. When I arrived here we have the daily Q&R, I kept this theme in mind that I was doing this each time with the idea that my words would help at least one person. I enjoy using my blogs to help expand humanity and make this a better world. Creating is one of my favorite things of the day whether on my blog or here it's ok to splurge on blogs however you want. Blogs are a great way to meet each other and maintain connections. I am more interested in your blog than mine but work to keep mine interesting for the day.

Nicole : wakingdreamer


Nicole said Sep 3, 2009, 9:06 AM:

If Music Be the Food of Love

lee : Gaia Explorer


lee said Sep 3, 2009, 11:53 AM:

Caring about the well being of others through nutrition.

1Vector3 : "Relentless Wisdom"


said Sep 7, 2009, 9:13 PM:


Blessings abounding to you,
OM Bastet

Louëlla : Zen seedling


Louëlla said Jan 2, 1:04 PM:

I also started my blog primarily for myself. I think back then Gaia wasn't as populated? In any case, I didn't think many people would read my blog, nor did I care much. I just kept as kind of a personal garden where I could see what blogging was like, and even though I didn't think many people would read my blog, posting within Gaia just sent my mind into the spiritual realm. I wrote what I felt was appropriate for the community of Gaia. At first I rarely updated the blog, but for some reason I'd just blog whenever I had an idea that seemed like it belonged. Eventually I ended up with several pages of posts! I was posting about spiritual and political issues.

Last summer I made posting a more conscious and regular effort. I eventually moved to a new blog to post about my political views because I needed a place where I felt more free to explore some unpleasant emotions… I always felt I had to be really positive on Gaia, but the reality is that Gaia has always been only a small aspect of a life that's not always positive. So it had this limitation. I actually wonder now, since my political voice has evolved, if I could integrate it back into my Gaia blog. That question just occurred to me.

Anyway… my Gaia blog is spiritually-themed. That's my answer. And, Jenny, there's nothing wrong with starting with yourself. :)

Jeff : messenger


Jeff said Sep 3, 2009, 12:25 PM:

The theme of my blog if there is one, is the “Healing Journey”.
For I realize as I look back I been trying to find language and understanding of my path from my experience of living in community, and my healing as I walk out into community in a different way…

Laurie : Energy Worker


Laurie said Sep 8, 2009, 2:44 AM:

Jeff - I love thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I actually 'subscribe' to it so that I'm sure to not miss a thing. Every time a receive an email notification, I feel as though I've received a gift. “Healing Journey” is apropos; especially with the way you support your thoughts with art – your phenomenal photography – just like you did here in your comment. I am so grateful to be in your sphere of influence. Thank you.

Jeff : messenger


Jeff said Sep 8, 2009, 1:15 PM:


I am thrilled and honored to receive such a message from you, (today) I am grateful for you continued support and encouragement!

I am Love, Jeff

Zephyr : Poeticspirit


Zephyr said Sep 4, 2009, 9:33 AM:

Love, for the universe, for our world, for nature, for all creatures, for humanity, etc, etc, in fact when I started blogging I think I apologised for boringly returning to that theme again and again, lol Loving the creation of All that Is, Onenes, God, whatever name we giive it, an eco aware/ compassionate / lifestyle evolves - naturally. That's why I never felt the need to change my icon, it sort of sums it up, not a perfect lover yet, so the babies head remains too, a lot to learn about the love inherent within the universe, in fact an infinite amount to discover.!!!

 Meenakshi : ~


Meenakshi said Sep 4, 2009, 1:49 PM:

Oh, how interesting it is to see the process by which we uncover the theme of our blog! In a way it's like finding the name of your song.

It is an honor to share the healing journey with you, Jeff; as Jenny, your reflections. Like you, I too felt that I was blogging for expressing myself [to myself] , not seeking viewers, but how wonderful it is when we get them! The difference to me, between a personal journal and a blog. I still write a few private blogs though, just for myself. It's great that the Gaia interface allows us to set the Access to that.

It's also helping me to know what your purpose is; and now when I read your blogs, I will look for that current in your blogs. Love, in Zephyr's–I might call it Gentle Love or even A loving breeze, as the name zephyr is just so evocative.

And Nicole, how perfect! The title of your blog brings you and your writing to life!

Lee, when I see your blogs, the word Caring definitely comes through, very strongly.

~KES, I like that- Hello World!

1Vector3 : "Relentless Wisdom"


said Sep 7, 2009, 9:11 PM:

I've been pondering this question, wondering whether there is a theme to my blog. As usual, you've come up with a wondrous question that helps build connections and community, via our sharings, Meenakshi.

I guess my intention is always to uplift people, to expand their awareness.

But to be totally honest, that often includes blogs that say, in effect, “Oh, I see some of you have a mistaken idea about xyz. Here's what I consider your mistake to be, and here is the correct version.” (Yes, I recognize the mistaken idea in that viewpoint, haha.)

Or, to say that from a deeper place, “Oh, I see some of you have this idea about xyz. That idea can lead to suffering, I have observed. Here are some alternatives you might want to consider if you choose to, which might produce less or no suffering.”

To accomplish upliftment, though, I often do pass along inspiring things I've encountered, or humor/playfulness, or beauty, or encouraging things (like the Paul Hawken stuff.) (Now that I go back and look, there are a lot of examples of each of those kinds of blog entries.) Or I just share my own inner challenges/journey, as in the example just linked.

Anyone else is welcome to share a different opinion about my blog!

Blessings, OM Bastet


Re: What is the theme of your Gaia blog?

Michael said Nov 26, 2009, 9:31 AM:

MY zBlogging@gaia has and continues 2B essentiallyA CALL to ACTION

 Meenakshi : ~


Meenakshi said Nov 26, 2009, 1:09 PM:

Wonderful to have a clear theme Michael. Off to read your blog now! Thanks a lot for sharing it here.

 Meenakshi : ~


Meenakshi said Jan 3, 2:34 PM:

Louella, you enter interesting insights, and I see how we each try to adapt to the different communities we belong to. I personally feel that shows that we are thinking positively, and one of my blogs was about how we need to think positively rather than do positive thinking. [From Positive Thinking to Thinking Positively ]

I think one of the reasons why few political blogs exist here, is that there are mostly people from the U.S., so politics of other countries may not have enough readers. That's my impression, but not something I know for sure. Have you looked for other political bloggers?

Louëlla : Zen seedling


Louëlla said Jan 17, 8:45 PM:

Meenakshi, I enjoyed your post on Thinking Positively! :) This is an important distinction. I remember posting something critical on a pod here once and getting a private message from the moderator asking me to please stay positive. I don't remember it being that negative, but I can't remember what exactly I was posting about… so I am not sure if it was about positive thinking or thinking positively.

Well, it has nothing to do with the U.S., really. My primary political interest was veganism. I wanted to improve my blogging/communication skills while allowing myself to experiment with the negative things I had to say, and at first I didn't actually invite anyone to read my political blog because I didn't feel those negative things were very worth sharing. But by giving myself that space, I was able to develop more positive ways to express myself politically.

barblovesroses : only God


barblovesroses said Jan 5, 1:56 AM:

I think you all would be surprised, but I really do not like to write so I am NOT blogging by choice, therefore, I have nothing in my blog, thus no theme.
Torch has multiple times tried to get me to change my mind about this but I am sticking to my guns on this one.
So remember, not everyone is into blogging…I don't even choose to read peoples blogs.

Trichronos : Philosopher


Trichronos said Jan 5, 5:57 AM:

An educated Islamic friend told me that the hardest part of his practice was humbling himself to the point that he could bow and press his forehead to the ground. I thought “Gee, that would be nice, you know, just to rest it for a while.”

Given the density of the material thus far, I guess my blog might be best characterized by a mash-up like “Response-ability: There's nothing to be afraid of - we just have to look at our problems differently”.

Then again, now that the heavy issues are out, I'm looking forward to taking a lighter turn.

Thank-you, Gaians!

 Meenakshi : ~


Meenakshi said Jan 6, 9:29 PM:

Trichronos, I can see that your blog is worth reading. Love that theme - Response-ability.

peytonmathie : Gaia Child


peytonmathie said Jan 5, 2:09 PM:

Self-discovery Journal

It is amazing what I've discovered about myself in my own responses to the daily questions. Plus, I found that I learned more from the questions that I put aside and shy away from due to varying reasons, whether it be uncertainty, fear from my own anxious thoughts, etc..

Jeff : messenger


Jeff said Jan 5, 2:56 PM:


I resonate with your statement “I found that I learned more from the questions that I put aside and shy away from due to varying reasons…”

I sometimes too look at the “daily questions” and go what the heck to I know, or we just had this question, this one is just reworded. I also ask myself who am I writing (answering) these for?
So thank you for your Honesty, the power is in the Being present…
I am Love, Jeff

 Meenakshi : ~


Meenakshi said Jan 6, 9:35 PM:

peytonmathie, I just love what you wrote, because it's so true. We learn as much about ourselves from what we write about as from what we don't.

If you do write but don't want to share that's possible to - by setting it to 'Friends' ; and there's even a way of writing a blog just for yourself, by setting it to Private.

Sometimes like Barb, I won't write a blog, but just write in groups or something else that I'm writing. At other times, I answer the Question of the Day like you, Jeff, if I feel inspired to do so.

TimeToShine : Corrinacorrina


TimeToShine said Jan 5, 6:52 PM:

Nurturing Human Potential is always the theme of my Gaia blog… and, if words could morph on the page then “Nurturing human potential” would keep morphing/ebbing/flowing into “Realizing full human potential” and back again :)

 Meenakshi : ~


said Jan 6, 9:27 PM:

Barb, I do see that people either want to blog or to write in groups –as long as you;re communicating, it's great….Suddenly thought; would there be a 'theme of your Gaia posts'? I know that sometimes when people write in groups also, they call it a blog, because after all, it is a journal of your thoughts /experiences at the moment.

 Meenakshi : ~


Meenakshi said Jan 17, 10:23 PM:

Thanks for sharing your experience,Louëlla . I'm glad that you've been able to find ways to express yourself politically. It's interesting how you were able to reach the positive ways by working your ways through the negative –I call both, the expressing of the 'negative' and the expressing of the 'positive', thinking positively; because you decided what to share and not to share with others, without suppressing your need to actually write what came to you.

Kundan : The Golden One


Kundan said Feb 23, 7:30 PM:

I think all my blogs have something to do with healing, love, stillness, Divinity, Awakening. I am committed to exeriencing Divinity, Sharing Awakening - that is my heart virtue, the core energy of what what I am here to experience and to bring to the planet (for example, Martin Luther King's HV was brotherhood, Mother Theresa's was compassion, Gandhi's was Nonviolent Liberation, Lincoln's was Unity, etc.)
And so, all my blogs have something to do with being with the Beloved and sharing that Awakening, especially, my latest blog:

1Vector3 : "Relentless Wisdom"


1Vector3 said Feb 23, 7:52 PM:

Oh Kundan, thank you for sharing that. How marvelous that you know this explicitly about yourself!! I've found that kind of basic self-knowledge brings not only greater self-acceptance, but also greater rapport and compassion for others.

Thank you for being in our community, and contributing your Heart Virtue!!!!!! (I think that might be what I call Cosmic Essence, which I help people discover/uncover about themselves.)

Rev. O.M. Bastet

1Vector3 : "Relentless Wisdom"


1Vector3 said Feb 23, 8:13 PM:

This conversation continued over here.


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Comment by Michael Grove on October 9, 2012 at 9:12
Comment by Michael Grove on May 11, 2013 at 8:08

Acting to Ease Others’ Suffering

I can also act in ways that I believe are compassionate to the people

right in front of me, and you might think, “Isn’t that compassion for

others?” But really, it’s compassion for myself in another form. 

It’s another self-compassion method.

Imagine the pain you feel when you see someone else suffering —

the suffering you feel is real suffering, just as the other person is

suffering. Yet, most people don’t actually ease that suffering

in themselves. So, how do you ease that suffering in yourself

when you see someone else suffering?

You reach out, empathize, make a connection, and look for a way

to reduce the other person’s suffering, and your own. If the other

person opens up, that’s great. If not, that’s OK, because you’ve 

reached out and let them know that you too suffer when you see

them suffer. That’s a powerful thingAnd so you ease your own

suffering, and it’s a selfish sort of compassion. But that’s the

only kind there is.

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