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MY J[our]ney of LIFE [≡] LOOK for YOURSELF \infty 



Linnie's Dupont lighter 

Listen to the Children

Little Bear of Great Spirit




LOVE in Japanese





Liz Intersection Princess


L. Diane


Lea Maarja



LOVE IS the operating system of BREXIT

LOVE of colours bewilders the eye and it fails to see right.
LOVE of harmonies bewitches the ear, and it loses its true hearing.
LOVE of perfumes fills the head with dizziness.
LOVE of flavors ruins the taste.

DESIRES unsettle the heart until the original nature runs amok.

These five are enemies of true LIFE.
Yet these are what men of discernment claim to LIVE for.
They are not what I LIVE for.

If this is LIFE, then pigeons in a cage have found happiness !

Chuang Tzu

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4 months later
cHAngeL said

Peggy your calligraphy is beautiful. I love the gray shading glow of the brush strokes, that make the love “glow”…
Thanks for sharing, Michael.

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Comment by Michael Grove on September 19, 2013 at 9:47


Love is a journey in the middle of its own existence.

Love has no boundaries or issues of time, it has no ‘beginning’, it has no ‘end’,
and love exists, waiting for us to discover its essence, our essence;
to choose to be on its path.

Love is pure, simple, kind, sweet, passionate, giving, receiving, peaceful; it is the journey of ones
spirit in connection to ones soul, in connection to the soul of another. One Soul.

Love fly’s through the depths of being, having no limitations, no place in bondage.

Love is energy waiting to be freed.

Love is eternal.

Love has no beginning; love has no end.

Love simply is.

Prose to Ponder

L. Diane


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