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... OR NOT !!!??? - [IT]'s ALL in the MIND 

Title: Nagarjuna's Accountant

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Sun Sign: Cancer

Chinese Sign: Metal Monkey

Location: Now Croatia

About Me:

Meditate on something, then meditate on nothing, and then completely fail in this, claw at the fabric of the universe, find your breath, eat an ounce of shrooms, lose your mind and
dissolve your projections, observe what is left, and perhaps you'll
have a whisper in your ghost about what kind of organic meatbag I
really am… (And make a very serious face in the process, this is

P.S. There are certain realities that affect us as individuals, as humanity, as sentient beings in general. We are being
herded into oblivion, and this is not by accident. The nature of the
ignorant is hysterical blindness. Most people will not understand what
is happening until it's too late, as they actually empower the source
of their own enslavement. There are those among us who have collected
and hoarded knowledge over the centuries, a select group of people who
have understood the patterns which are inherent in all energetic
systems and have applied this knowledge in a heartless and most
effective way with the goal of absolute power/total control over
humanity through the destruction of the individual. If you cannot see
this with the endless evidence that is readily available to you, then
you are not paying attention. The Matrix is alive and well, and it's
quite probable that the state of mind which one perceives as clarity
and realization of truth is just another layer of deception and

Here's a few things to consider: ; )

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  • To be simple and clear


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