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"WITHOUT leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose  

 the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, [IS]  

 a form of planning" 
                                                   Gloria Steinman

 MINDFULNESS is the art of paying attention to the

 details of the present moment without judgement.

 "Imagination alone can give us a vision of the future."

 "Simulations of the reality allow us all to explore that vision."


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Comment by Michael Grove on May 8, 2020 at 14:38

The original pamplet - whose text has been reproduced in this Bodleian Library, University of Oxford 2nd edition reprint of 2004 - attracted quite a lot of attention in Britain at the time, not least because it gave an unusually direct view of how the British were seen by others.

An editorial in the London Times on July 14th 1942 suggested that it should become a best seller which "ought to be aquired by British readers in quantities unequalled even by the many works of Edgar Wallace or Nat Gould "

Perhaps slightly tongue in cheek, the writer compared the pamplet to the works of Irving, Emerson & Hawthorne, all writers who had tried to interpret Britain to an American audience, and commented that - "None of their august expositions has the spotlight directness of this revelation of plain common horse sense understanding of evident truths " -which no doubt rang in Ed Murrow's ears - as he flew on Allied bombing raids in Europe during the war, providing additional reports from the planes as they droned on over Europe - following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

President Bush in his interview with the London Times - was reported to have said that:
"I am under firm instructions from my wife to pick up a copy of the pamphlet"

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