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THE degree of absence of thinking IS ...

  THE arbiter of ultimate spiritual awareness 

   As Lloyd Steven Sieden has so succinctly proposed in the Chapter entitled

   Conscious Thought, in his book Buckminster Fuller’s Universe ...

  "Another facet of thought which Fuller believed to be extremely important 

   was imagination. The root of the word imagination IS IMAGE, and Fuller

   defined imagination as the uniquely human ability to create an image.

   Through years of personal experience and observation, he came to believe

   that the human capacity to think and create order from chaos is

   primarily the result of the ability to employ imagination."

   Lloyd goes 
on to say ...

   "According to his hypothesis, in thinking and establishing order, humans

   gather an enormous quantity of information. They then utilise

   imagination by applying that accumulation of data to complex problems.

   Such an ability is especially important when new information is obtained

   through observation and experience. When that occurs, individuals use

   their minds to imagine and uncover relationships between the new

   information and previously accumulated knowledge • and THAT IS  

   imagination at work.

   Fuller further felt that the process of imagination was even more  

   miraculous in light of the fact that no human being has ever looked

   from outside of himself or herself.  He would explain that information

   gathered outside a person's physical assembled body is assembled inside

   that individual's brain just as news from the outside is collected within a

   television studio. Each person's internal "studio" is the site at which his

   or her "imagination" is utilised to discover relationships between the

   assembled items of news."


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Comment by Michael Grove on August 23, 2018 at 7:36

THE HUMAN CAPACITY to think and create • order from chaos •

IS in[DEED] primarily the result of the ability to employ imagination.

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