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 I can only offer an extreme level of GRATITUDE toward Nassim Haramein

 for remaining a healthy and intelligent human being who has worked hard,

 thought totally out of the square, trusted his own mind, and never sold out

 to the Bankster establishment with his ideas and research

his findings is a priceless gift to humanity. There have

been less and less people like Nassim in my world and to see people like

him create works of integrity that unify fields with sacred geometry is a very

major affirmation of my faith in human nature. Nassim explains in a simple

manner, very complex information about the infinitely small  that is

packaged in a fractal manner within finite boundaries. The implications for

free abundant energy for ALL, harvested directly from an infinitely dense

vacuum IS one thing... 

BUT to then top this with a scientifically and mathematically understandable

method to explain why "EVERYTHING IS ONE" is a paradigm shift  for

human beings in their overall evolutionary development. Nassim provides

very sound scientific reasoning for humans to look inward to learn, grow

and develop SPIRITUALLY, by sensing the infinitely dense world of the

infinitely small. This is little different to what we all did in the golden age

of pre-history before HIS-STORY worked to eradicate this knowledge from

our daily lives to remain only a faint memory in the consciousness of most.

Unifying his geometry, cosmology and mathematics with sacred

ancient geometric symbols is a monumental revelation for us all.



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