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... that are agreed upon by the majority of people, such

as marriage, the sense of nationhood, biological gender

differences. I really believe that these structures are now

being torn down in the alleged name of freedom.

Gender is a construct, “nationhood is inherently racist”…

these new ideas are not based on a rational discourse, but

a trend of feeling and groupthink among a minority with

a huge influence.

Out of this lack of scrutiny and fear is emerging a new

totalitarianism. Those of us who don’t agree with the

‘woke’ orthodoxy are quickly understanding that it has

become too dangerous to say what we really think. If we

ever do go there, it is likely to be on a trusted and closed

WhatsApp group.

To be honest, I hate myself for caving in so easily. I feel

humiliated and patronised. The moniker “opinionated Kate”,

that one ex gave me, affectionately, would be one I would

relish at this moment. I was brought up in the free-speech

Seventies. Back then, being interesting, having something

to say, meant you were welcomed in artistic circles. I

remember one late-night debate when I drunkenly wrote

my opinion on someone’s kitchen wall – we are still great


Fast-forward to today, and I often find myself sharing a

pertinent article on Facebook, only to take it down minutes

later as I get the familiar knot of fear in my stomach. It is

simply not worth the stress. But why should I self-censor

out of fear of reprisal from who, exactly? It makes me angry

that these people feel they have a greater claim to higher

intellectual or moral knowledge.

This kind of bullying behaviour brings out our most

fundamental fears of rejection. “You are not one of the

gang,” the voice in my head says, as once again I find

myself biting my tongue at another Leftie-leaning dinner

party. If I do ever recognise a fellow traveller, it feels like

we’re in a secret resistance group quietly giving each other

the thumbs-up and trying not to trip the minefields that

litter the new social landscape.

A magazine editor friend, who was robustly for Brexit, told

me how a recent catch-up with an old university friend

descended into a slanging match. Her Remain companion

took to thumping the table and accusing her of ruining the

country. She was nearly in tears.

Where has the respect and tolerance

for other people’s opinions gone?


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Comment by Michael Grove on March 2, 2020 at 18:15

  The whole idea is to be ONE withnot separate from NATURE 

  and to direct that reality in 4 dimensions, by recollecting lost and 

  found knowledge critical to our journey as a whole species

  learning to articulate our own unique thoughts IDEAS and feelings

  that relate to what we do with the time we have left, leaving the

  Whole World Poised for a Global Design Upgrade to more

  transparent communication through this whole dynamic of

  [TIME]less play ...

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