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LEFT handed ?  RIGHT handed ? or a mirror image of IT SELF ?

The irony of the state of play today,

in the dark-matter debate, IS that the

terms LEFT and RIGHT handed are now

being used to describe what is NOT

understood about the 'composition of

dark-matter ', in denial of the underlying

importance of why LEFT handedness

and RIGHT handedness exist in the

VERY first INSTANCE - amply illustrated

by this 1948 Drawing hands lithograph

from The Graphic Work of M. C. Escher


Whether you are left or right handed IS decided while in the womb.

AS EVER [IT] WAS however, at the core of ALL of THIS, as Ray Podder
has so succinctly and universally understood and inevitably proposed...




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Comment by Michael Grove on November 26, 2015 at 5:37

It cannot have gone unnoticed, here in cyberspace, that my own

left-handed, dyslexic connessione with Leonardo da Vinci has

been intimately juxtaposed to the works of M.C. Escher, in the

context of the fact that as an early Art of TIME proponent, Escher

well understood, over TIME, the value of producing 2 dimensional

lithographs which represented the 4D higher conscious artistic

perspective of the 3 dimensional world which potentially ...

"LIVES within each and every one of [y]our species".


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