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Picture Uploaded on July 12, 2006
by Catananda

OUR task must be to free ourselves from this prison ...


"By withdrawing into the sanctity of our souls, we can also know

ourselves. This effort cannot be carried forth by others. It can only

be accomplished through the self effort of living and engaging in

ongoing contemplation. Only we can enter the most sacred core

of our beings and find the secret of life." 


I IT WE in meditation, contemplation, deliberation & reflection of the moment


Mark : Visionary

about 1 year later
Mark said

Amazing image

about 1 year later
Michele said

This is a fabulous pic!

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later
Michael said

10 to the Power of 10 Thinking Environments …
to provide the scaleability to encompass …
10 billion souls as ONE soul …

about 1 year later
cHAngeL said

Awesome! Women rock….let's levitate. I always was drawn to the color

gold, from my football team to my pencil drawings. My dad said once.

“I always thought God could be a woman…because women are so

compassionate.” He was one of the most compassionate men I ever met.

Pretty cool thing for a conservative older generation male figure. But I know

lots of men and children who very compassionate. It takes all of us to make

a pyramid. The union of all to make one love.

Peace on Earth,


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later
Michael said

Peace on Earth - INDEED - by keeping your peace of mind

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