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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

Bravo and ALL hail to HE who would "bridge"
the "CASM" of mis-understanding between -


"The Peace Council is committed to working together for the common needs

of the whole community of life. The Council will build bridges through the

message of non-violence, compassion, human rights, and universal responsibility,

individual and collective."


The Peace Council is a diverse group of religious and spiritual individuals who are

internationally known and respected and who have decided to come together.


As the Dalai Lama wrote in a recent letter ...


"to understand one another and work together so that those of us who profess

belief in our respective faiths can work for the common cause of humanity."


He added, "I believe that such a joint effort can set the right example for the rest of the world."


The Dali Lama Interview

"Be kind whenever possible.

    IT IS always possible."

                                                       Dalai Lama

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Michael : catalyst-producer

8 months later
Michael said

” Whether you believe it or not, YOU are my hero, and a wonderful son of humanity. Despite your tremendous painful experience you don't have any anger or hate. You accept what has
happened and keep your peace of mind. YOU are a good example and model”.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later
Michael said

Pico Iyer has said in his recent book that … The Dalai Lama has little truck with romance or idealised thinking in either his religious or political role; he IS A REALIST, who has repeatedly renounced the claim for independence from China and emphasised that he wishes only for a state of autonomy in which Tibet's unique religious and cultural history might be preserved … which I would say IS absolutely in line with the “priest and patron”, relationship, embodied as a division of responsibility between the spiritual and material worlds,
which has forever existed between the Tibetan lamas and sucessive
Mongol Khans and Chinese emperors, who have always exerted de facto
authority over the country.

Iyer goes on to say that … The Dalai Lama is ”a doctor of the soul” … who stresses the universally digestible remedy of what he calls ”global ethics” - compassion, kindness and personal responsibility

that anyone can practice regardless of their
religious, political or scientific beliefs.

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He has a thousand names

Posted on Jun 11th, 2008 by sanmugan : Seeker of truth sanmugan


see people who talk about religion constantly quarreling with one another. Hindus, Mussulmans [Muslims], Brahmos, Shaktas, Vaishnavas, Shaivas all
quarrel with one another. They haven't the intelligence to understand
that He who is called Krishna is also Shiva and the Primal Shakti, and
that it is He, again, who is called Jesus and Allah. "There is only one
Rama and He has a thousand names."



Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 hour later
Michael said

sanmugan : Seeker of truth

about 7 hours later
sanmugan said

and he is the ABSOLUTE.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 8 hours later
Michael said


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Comment by Michael Grove on June 17, 2013 at 17:44

Comment by Michael Grove on May 12, 2014 at 9:32

The Dalai Lama has often summed up his teaching in one word: kindness. And that, in

essence, is what our mothers taught us. To share. To treat others how we want to be treated.

To be generous and unselfish. We all know that these Feminine values of well-being, love,

connection, inclusion, and care are critical to creating a world that works.

Comment by Michael Grove on June 22, 2015 at 18:27

The Nobel laureate has already clarified that he would decide at 90 whether or not he should

have a successor and will leave "clear written instructions on the succession ". The Tibetan

system of recognising reincarnation is an authentic mode of investigation based on people's

recollection of their past lives. Explaining that he was no superhuman, the Dalai Lama, known for

his simplicity and typical jovial style, said: "I am just a simple Buddhist monk. I try to do my

best all the time. I am 80 years old now and I have lived my entire life practising the

knowledge and I will continue to practise it till I am physically able."

Thousands of Tibetan exiles, foreigners and Indian dignitaries joined in the birthday

celebrations here. Crowds began to assemble since morning at the temple for the birthday

celebrations. "Special prayer sessions were held for the perfect health and long life of our

spiritual leader the Dalai Lama," Tsering Wangchuk, a spokesperson for the Central Tibetan

Administration (CTA).

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