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 Latin for "THE Great Charter of the Liberties"
 In his television programme, A History of Britain, the historian Simon Schama says

  of Magna Carta ...  IF NOT exactly the birth certificate of democracy -  IT IS the

  death certificate of despotism. IT spells out, for the first time, the fundamental principle

  that the law is not simply the will or whim of the King. The law is an independent power

  unto itself and the King could be brought to book for violating it. A contract whose

  underlying understanding - guaranteed by charter- that the government of the

  kingdom had to be subject to the sovereignty of the law.

  Why hunt for excalibur - when you had something

  already that was as potent as Magna Carta.

     IN his inaugural address in 1941, President Franklin D Roosevelt said ...

  "THE democratic aspiration IS no mere recent phase in human history...
   [IT] was written in Magna Carta." [IT] IS therefore perhaps incumbent,

   from the perspective of THE curious case of [BE]ing BRITISH, to NOW

   acknowledge the desire of Tim Berners-Lee to ensure that citiZENs and

   businesses can carry on benefiting from the revolution he sparked,

   by way of US ALL as passengers of Spaceship Earth, focussing on the

   Spark in the Machine and TRULY ACKNOWLEDGE the opportunity which

   has presented [IT]self • to realistically CHANGE THE WORLD FOR GOOD

   through an SDi/Meshwoks process of the very urgent establishment


  LET US all remember what Pericles established in a small city state called
  Athens - following the revolution of the people against tyranny, corruption,
  selfish sophistication, arrogance and greed. It was he who established the
  first ever democracy - on which all western democracies today - are now
  based. A democracy which for 30 years was led by his guidance and
  husbandry - in nurturing and establishing a template based on direct
  involvement of the people ... 

  NOT one based on a representative basis - BUT by a 
process of 

  evolution following revolution in fact. A 1st person singular present

  tense version of a democracy of the people -not a third person 

  thanks for the vote - NOW this is the way I'm going to govern you - 

  type democracy.

  It was the revolution of the Athenians and their request of Pericles to

  return from exile - coupled with an understanding of the need for

  change - which brought this about - & subsequently acted as the catalyst

  for this small insignificant city state to transform itself into a trading

  nation at the heart of the Mediterranean - which influenced the Roman

  Empire and all other western civilizations since. 

  An Art of ZEN - INTEGRAL solution in fact - which was established by

  way of the Parthenon, the Acropolis & Athenian democracy - an all

  inclusive "through ART all things are possible" impulse of the moment 



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