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 that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary [Windsor or recently Mountbatten-Windsor]

 was born • as was my own mother Joan Smith, just six years before her, to

 a wealthy business family in Yorkshire • My mother's commitment to the

 concept of equality of respect and responsibility for ALL her fellow human

 beings, was inculcated into me from an early age; and as I was born to be

 a left-handed dyslexic in 1946, so I suppose that she felt that it was even

 more important to do so in my case; as did also, of course, my father

 Godfrey Louis Grove, who was the son of a blacksmith, as well as both my

 maternal and paternal grandparents.

 "Don't CHANGE the world - CHANGE WORLDS" - said St. Francis of Assisi

 Elizabeth Alexandra Mary's own 
commitment to the concept of equality of

 respect and responsibility for all her fellow beings, was inculcated into

 her as a [RE]flexion of her DUTY to the peoples of The Commonwealth





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