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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion


  whilst MY OWN multi-dimensional PERCEPTION of

  the SPiRALogic of LIFE has revealed [IT]self as a

  manifestation of my so-called dyslexic experience

  as others would perceive that I AM THAT I AM !!!

    [IT] has more recently been established that the Phoenicians had been

   trading in TIN, which they had obtained from Britain, long before the

   Romans arrived here, but perhaps they came for that very reason 

   and why they named this land BRITANNIA, latin for Land of TIN


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Comment by Michael Grove on November 18, 2019 at 23:40

The Romans of course came and went, having subdued The Druids but nevertheless imbued the MINDSIGHT of Britain with so much of that which we take for granted these days • BUT the Normans came and NEVER LEFT. 

IS THERE ANY WONDER NOW THEN, that THE PEOPLES outside the M25 are seeking to somehow redress this situation, by getting rid of the EU's system of MIND CONTROL and thence bringing pressure to bare on the Parliamentary Voting System to start serving THE VERY PROCESS of DEMOCRACY for, by and of ALL the PEOPLES of ALL THE ISLANDS, that lie off the North Western coastline of Eurasia, which has been completely absent for the last half century or so since my soulmate Linnie and I got married on the very last day that marriage allowance could be back-claimed for the tax-year !!!??? 

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