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  ... of ALL the PEOPLES of ALL THE ISLANDS, that lie off the North Western

  coastline of Eurasia, which the Romans in their wisdom named Britannia,

  or "Land of Tin", have been established by the forefathers of those

  PEOPLES, who have been venturing to these islands, settling and

  establishing their own SENSE of PLACE, for 900,000 years since the

  earliest evidence of human occupation was discovered at Happisburgh on

  the Norfolk coast, with stone tools dating to that period and footprints

  probably made by Homo antecessor.

  The Romans of course came and went, having subdued  The Druids but

  nevertheless imbued the MINDSIGHT of Britain with so much of that which

  we take for granted these days • BUT the Normans came and NEVER LEFT

Having eventually been prevented from crossing the Thames to the

  South East of London following their victory at the Battle of Hastings

  and being forced to march Westwards until they could cross the river

  at Wallingford, William and his army then proceeded Eastwards, before

  then approaching London from the North, whilst along the way replacing

  all of the Anglo Saxon Barons with their own Norman Elitist versions

  of same, in compensation for their efforts in defeating the English.

  Thus began the process of turning London into a fortress based on the

  Tower from which CONTROL of ALL the PEOPLES of ALL THE ISLANDS

  would be eventually established, by way of a legion of Castles modelled 

  on the Tower of London. 


  [IT] IS for that very self same reason, why Jeremy Warner has today stated

  the case that: "WE CAN NO LONGER DENY the great divide between the

  global metropolis and life outside the M25", and I would retort particularly

  from the PEOPLES' point of view of the Norman Elitist’s Denial of the

  Democratic process of, for and by ALL the PEOPLES of ALL THE

  ISLANDS, as guaranteed by Magna Carta 1215, our own Constitution

  and the Monarch's oath of office to uphold the Declaration of Rights 1689 

  BUT Warner's premise however correct today • that London provides the

  money that the rest of Britain needs to survive • IS [IT]self THE VERY ROOT  

  of THE PROBLEM, which the BOOM and BUST activities of stock-

  market trading etc. etc. of the BANKS and their cohorts in THE CITY of

  LONDON have created to generate profits for themselves, whilst having

  brokered the transferal of the losses to those people's outside the M25,

  in no dissimilar manner  I might add, that happened to the PEOPLES of

  ICELAND. But of course they had a vote and refused to pay the debts

  outstanding which were racked-up by their own Bankers.

  Thank goodness the Financial Times prevailed in their investigations of the

  WIRECARD fiasco and were eventually able to alert the world to the very

  sham [IT] WAS from the outset of it's establishment. !!!

  ALL of which has led to the situation that whilst my soul-mate and I, when

  we were married in 1968, were able to purchase our first IDEAL HOME  

  in High Wycombe for 3 x our joint incomeour grandchildren and their

  partner/s' are now faced with a price-tag of 8 x joint income to purchase

  a similar property, despite the fact that the build quality of the same type

  of property has deteriorated significantly.  



  outside the M25 are seeking to somehow redress
  this situation, by getting rid of the EU's system of

  MIND CONTROL and thence bringing pressure to

  bare on the Parliamentary Voting System to serve

  THE process of DEMOCRACY of, for and by 

  ALL the PEOPLES of ALL THE ISLANDS, that lie

  off the North Western coastline of Eurasia.



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Comment by Michael Grove on June 1, 2019 at 10:42

 Britain has not always enjoyed its current mild climate, over the

 past 2.6 million years it has gone through extremes of cold ice 

 ages and warm interglacials in a period of geological history that

 we call the Pleistocene.

Comment by Michael Grove on May 10, 2022 at 15:48


  The ‘little ice age’ of the 14th to the 19th  

  centuries brought cold winters to Europe

  and unusual weather globally. Studying

  how humans adapted could be valuable

  Climate crisis: what lessons can we learn  from

  the last great cooling-off period?

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