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 which exists throughout y[our] multiverse of parallel universes,

 which in the context of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, IS

 felt by ALL the passengers of Spaceship Earth as gravity, which IS

 actually the result of the acceleration of matter in motion created

 by the existence of matter travelling at the speed of light in the

 space/time manifestation of ALL THAT IS.


 YESTERDAY is history - TOMORROW is a mystery -
 TODAY is a gift - that's why they call  IT the PRESENT 

 I regard my own left-handed dyslexic ability to think visually, and

 furthermore to be able to manipulate 3 dimensional space-in-time

 in my mind, moment by moment, as a gift which has allowed me to

 'SEE' the world in no different a way than I believe Einstein himself

 saw it. This natural ability of mine was further honed and utilised

 during my 20 year career as an Air Traffic Controller & pilot and

 was at first best illustrated for me, whilst watching this particular

 Discovery Science television programme which was presented by

 Stephen Hawking; and more recently by the NOVA programme

 Inside Einstein's Mind.

I Am the revelation of truth, soaring at light speed within the elegant resonance of stillness. I Am the garden of the heart's true delight revealed within the splendor of the solar lord. I Am Ahau, the golden ecstatic one.

I Am yourself - there is no other!

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Comment by Michael Grove on February 17, 2017 at 9:06

        Distant black hole may disprove Einstein's theory of relativity 

         A supermassive black hole 26,000 light years away will

         put Einstein's theory of general relativity to the test.

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