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 a PORTAL to ALL REALITIES and any celebration of the LIFE of Eric

 must include tribute to his forever [BE]ing a RENAISSANCE MAN of

 THE highest order.

 His last words to me at the end of our meeting 
in London, as he

 walked me to the lift, were words describing his enthusiastic

 achievement of having recently convinced an Arab client, of the

 desperate need for the establishment of a multi-ethnic tower,

 in respect [FULL] celebration of all that Islam had achieved, for the

 benefit of the entirety of mankind. What the TRUTH of REALITY 

 actually means to one IS “locked within one” until one is able to

 communicate that truth, in words, music or other manifestation

 of the ART of DOINGsuch that the receiver receives that truth as

 a clone of the truth of reality. Eric shall forever remain amongst us

 because of his IDEAS already established in REALITY and those

 that shall inevitably [BE]come REALITY.  


 My very mindful and respect [FULL] wishes to ALL
 who would celebrate their LOVE of and for Eric 
 Michael Grove





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