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   the role of [BE]ing aware of  the necessity to [BE]come a VIRGIN

  once again, I have taken the momentous decision to change the

  supplier of my household's interactive televisual connectivity with

  the world, after more than 18 years of SKY customer satisfaction

   IN the context of SKY TV [BE]ing the sponsor of the Team Sky professional

  cycling team, you would imagine that [BE]ing able to follow Team Sky,

  throughout the year as a SKY TV customer • as we have been for some 18

  years plus now, despite the fact that VIRGIN CABLE has also run along the

  street over the entire period • would be seen as a priority and so it has

  been the case in terms of Eurosport's offering's in SD and HD. 

  BUT following the fact that we have, at the very last minute of negotiations,

  only just been informed that Discovery's Eurosport service is to be

  terminated, because SKY have decided that their funds should be spent

  on competing with BT for football, rather than on Discovery's offerings

  which include Eurosport, I have cancelled my SKY subscription and

  changed to VIRGIN having been assured that they have no intention of

  dropping Discovery's services.

  AS for SKY's insistence that viewers can look forward to another huge

  year of sport in 2017, including:  Every Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend,

  in Ultra High Definition, my soul-mate Linnie has just about summed up the

  situation in its entirety...

  IT's a Man's World with a vengeance


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Comment by Michael Grove on January 28, 2017 at 9:54

The SKY (or celestial dome) is everything

that lies above the surface of the Earth,

including the atmosphere and outer space.

Some of the natural phenomena seen in the

sky are cloudsrainbows, and aurorae

Lightning and precipitation can also be

seen in the sky during storms

Birdsinsectsaircraft, and kites are

often considered to fly in the sky.

Due to human activities, smog during the

day and light pollution during the night

are often seen above large cities.

Comment by Michael Grove on March 7, 2017 at 12:39

IT IS OVER a decade since I produced this Telecommunications Infrastructure Development

[TIME]line and IT IS somewhat gratifying to think that Virgin Media have just installed an

Ethernet 1000 Base T network, in concert with a 5GHz Video-Class Wi Fi solution, which will

allow us to watch 4K Ultra HD Video, throughout our home. This is particularly relevant from

the point of view that I was one of the few people invited by SONY, to a demonstration of a

full-sized 4096x4096 prototype screen, in North London, which had been developed as

a Japanese R&D demonstrator, which at the time was absolutely stunning to watch. 

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