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...Attainment and maintenance of sustenance, and peace, begets peaceful thought and sustainable action of those awarded status of 'Guardian' regarding affairs of others. Of those entrusted, action partaken results in development of trust and relinquishing of fear, building human condition through equality and assistance for all; nurturing strength in human ability to participate in matter affecting the whole, while regarding culture and geography.


Guidance toward sustenance and peace, through ones life example, prevails leadership respecting life force and within ability emits balanced focus, and when surrounded by negative life circumstance promotes peaceful interaction, leaving fear, and war, raw. Fear thrives within reciprocation; breeding destruction, and in truth consumes itself in isolation; love remaining. Ability to lead, within atmosphere of love directing impulse, examples its support of clarity within intuitive wisdom; Global Leadership promoting respect regarding Universal systems, phasing out current negative policy we collectively agree to; that pain and suffering sold as freedom and physical power over living kind are acceptable; commendable.


One proclaiming violence as means to sustainability and peace in essence escalates greed, knowing violence in heart and confusion in mind regarding mortality - for how is it possible to experience freedom while at expense of all that breathes, encompassing pulse of our planetary body? Freedom demands no captivity of life, yet we know human experience to be one held captive, by our own imagination and creation, by way of what we accept.


NO human is above NATURE regarding sustenance, and yet do we continue to breed ourselves into extinction by way of consumption? Respect of our earth’s quest in healing itself, a nurturing of balance in the spectrum of giving and receiving needing to occur between earth and all its inhabitants to protect present and future habitability, recognition and utilization of enhanced sustainability and fostering of success at grass roots level expands global atmosphere through individual representation; what one mind holds in truth adds but one part to global mindset.


A Global Leader, propelled within a personal atmosphere of balanced spirit and physical flow, inspires to know collective energy; eliciting positive action on behalf of humanity and earths environment. Acquisition of knowledge is drawn from collective truth known to humanity at any given point; peaceful intention, garnered with will into action, lends to development of sustenance, of freedom; eradicating war; piece by peace - peace by piece.


A twenty-first century leader of magnitude, is example of faith in the power of love within imagination; suggesting combination of many leaders to graft ONE Global Leader propelled in unison.

Example LIVES.

BE the leader of your life’s path.


Peace-full Intentions,




First posted by Michael Grove on May 21, 2007 at 10:30


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Michael : catalyst-producer

over 2 years later
Michael said

LEAD by example as YOU LET the LEADER that U have to become


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