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It's a privilege denied to many -

A privilege in[DEED] - but one that bears its own responsibilities -

The "torch has now been passed " to my soulmate and I, our three children and their

partners, and our seven grandchildren - as the last of my own grandparents and parents

died in October - and the action of responsibility that I must continue to assume is very

definitely directed towards - changing worlds not changing the world. 


My own commemorative zBlog to my mother - AS in life SO also in death will they forever

be remembered - has raised the discussion of the issue of death amongst the old zaadz

community - which in turn stimulated the following comment -

"If one feels that death is to be feared, one need only go to the maternity ward, of

someone related, to see a newborn child's eyes, and know then and there, that life

is a precious gift, a privilege too precious, not to be spoiled -

We were just lucky to be the deserving atoms, that have a conscious self."

Perhaps we should ALL take consideration of the fact that our own community continues

to need you as much as ever - and that our efforts to support them individually and

collectively - would very much be directed at changing their worlds for the better.

" Don't CHANGE the world - CHANGE WORLDS "
   - start by doing what IS neccessary, then what IS possible,
   and suddenly you're doing the "impossible" - St. Francis of Assisi


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