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When mind knows, we call it knowledge.
When heart knows, we call it love.
And when BEING knows, we call it MEDITATION.

Everybody is after BEING extraordinary.
That is the search of the ego ...
to be someone who is special, to be someone who is unique, incomparable.
And this is the paradox ...
the more you try to be exceptional, the more ordinary you look ...
because everybody is after extraordinariness.

It is such an ORDINARY DESIRE.

If you become ordinary, the very search to be ordinary is extraordinary ...
because rarely does somebody want to be just nobody ...
rarely does somebody want to be just a hollow, empty space.

This is really extraordinary in a way, because nobody wants it.
And when you become ordinary you become extraordinary, and, of course ...
suddenly you discover that without searching you have BECOME UNIQUE.

Being Present in Relationships - Eckhart Tolle


try to become extraordinary and you will remain ordinary

BEING IS already as it should be, it is perfect.
NO THING needs to be added to it,
NO THING can be added to it.


It comes out of perfection, hence it is perfect.

Just withdraw all the hindrances that you have created.

Excerpts from "The Book of Understanding" by OSHO.

First posted by Michael Grove @zadz on February 11, 2008 at 22:00


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Eva : Eva is a Spirit of Light
4 days later
Eva said

Buddha + abundance + change = ….. wow, i feel so calm :)

jenni : hello
5 months later
jenni said

I enjoyed reading that. thank you michael.

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