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The non-discordant BALANCE of LIFE

1 two 3


ONE block of polished granite - which seemed to
appear from NOTHING - began to "morph" into an

oval shaped, brushed stainless steel container and
thence begot two revealing the outer & the inner ...



Life With Principle - Trailer













Under heaven all can see beauty as beauty

ONLY because there is ugliness.

All can know good as good ONLY

because there is EVIL

Therefore having & not having arise together.

Difficult & easy complement each other.

Long & short contrast each other;

High & low rest upon each other;

Voice & sound harmonize each other;

Front and back follow ONE another.

Therefore the sage goes about doing NO THING,

teaching no-talking.

The 10,000 things rise & fall without cease,

CREATING yet not possesing,

Working yet not taking credit.

Work IS done, then forgotten.

Therefore it lasts FOREVER.


                                  Tao Te Ching

AND ...

two begot three


1 ... 3

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