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our multiverse of parallel universes, the situation in that respect, here on

Spaceship Earth today, could have been a Japanese-Nazi controlled global

hegemony had it nor been for the invention of the 10cm Cavity Magnetron

by John Randall and Harry BootIS THERE ANY WONDER therefore • in

the context of my very own ATC Area Radar Controller experience of the

Maastricht UAC Eurocontrol Operation and Don Beck's reference to a 

Spiral Dynamics Integral [SDi] + MeshWORKS global model being based

on a metaphorical air traffic control system; which in the light of the

consequential manifestation of widespread recent events, pertaining to

Global Air Traffic Management • that I have been so long convinced of

the desperate need to formulate a NEW MODEL of the UNITED NATIONS.


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Comment by Michael Grove on November 19, 2018 at 8:22


"I think we can say that the Battle of Britain might never

have been won... if it were not for the radar chain"

                                                                  MRAF Sir William Sholto Douglas

"It is doubtful whether there is any point in continuing

attacks on radar sites, in view of the fact that not one

of those attacked so far has been put out of action."

                        Reichsmarschall Hermann Wilhelm Göering, 15 August 1940

The invention of what was called radio direction finding (RDF) in the

1930s • the predecessor of what became known as radio detection

and ranging (RADAR) • triggered profound organisational changes as

well as new tactics for air-to-air fighters, & led Britain to establish

an air defence system conceptually similar  to the one modern

air forces still use today. [IT] meant the pilots no longer had to patrol

the skies hoping to spot the enemy with their own eyes, but could

instead stay on ground alert until [IT] was tactically favourable to

take off. The chain of radar stations along the coast (CHAIN HOME)

provided early warning and rough estimates of enemy strength,

position, heading and speed.

                     Dag Henriksen - Routledge Handbook of Air Power

Comment by Michael Grove on September 21, 2019 at 16:25

Unmanned weapons have been in development of course, since the First World War and the Hewitt-Sperry Atomatic Airplane.

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