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Comment by Michael Grove on July 10, 2018 at 9:52

     Strumble is on the North West tip of Pembrokeshire, west of Fishguard.

     The area is known as the Pencaer Peninsula, although it isn't actually a

     peninsula. Bordered on two sides by the sea and on the inland side by a

     line of low hills, it does give the feeling of being cut off. The focus for

     Pencaer is Strumble Head Lighthouse, perched on a tiny island just off

     the coast and reached by a small suspension bridge. The Lighthouse is

     automated NOW so there isn't any access onto the island.

Comment by Michael Grove on July 10, 2018 at 10:00

   During the 1960s and 1970s civil and military air traffic control officers worked

   and trained together at the site which also retained an air defence and special  

   tasks role including that of supporting Research and Development flying

   programmes from Farnborough and Boscombe Down and the early Concorde

   flight trials. [IT] was in 1967 that I completed my Joint Military Fighter

   Controller/Civil Area Radar Controller training at Southern Radar RAF Sopley

   and in 1968 provided Summer Leave Relief on secondment duties from

   London Radar. I remember during that time providing assistance to an Aer

   Lingus flight en-route from Cardiff to Dublin, following an ATC clearance

   to [RE]join controlled airspace at the Strumble DVOR • subsequent to being

   caught in bad-weather en-route • by a process of guiding the pilot around

   and between the rain clouds, because of the phenomenally detailed accuracy

   of the Type 80 radar, in the detection of weather, as well as aircraft and other

   unidentified flying objects [UFO's], which was an inherent nature of the beast

   at that time. Oh how that Primary Radar capability swiftly disappeared with the

   advent of Secondary Radar and then in more recent times GNSS. 


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