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Having been imbued with an appropriate ...

  SENSE of Responsibility, commensurate with the exacting requirements

  of the Civil Aviation Act • by the man who had himself been charged

  with the responsibility of establishing an Air Traffic Control System in

  Germany, as part and parcel of the Marshal Plan and the establishment

  of EUROCONTROL • during my training straight from Grammar School,

  as the first Joint Civil/Military Area Radar Controller to be seconded to

  Eurocontrol by the Ministry of Aviation, subsequent to my duties at London

  Radar, on the north side of Heathrow Airport and Southern Radar based

  at RAF Sopley, before the UK even joined the EEC • SO [IT] was that my

  soul-mate and I as well as our belongings and an Afghan Hound, travelled

  by road and ferry to Brussels, in our brand new Volkswagen 411 Variant,

  which was subsequently utilised, for our various family visits home to

  Britain, as well as to our new homes in Brussels and Sittard NL, following

  the opening of the Maastricht UAC in Beek. It was at the time when we 

  were living in Wilhelmina Straat in Sittard, next door to the Schouwburg Platz 

  and opposite the Centraal Ziekenfonds, during the 1970s Oil Crisis, that I was

  issued with a special pass to drive back & forth to the work at the UAC in Beek,

  during the times when there was a driving ban imposed, to save fuel.  

  AS the son of parents who had both served King and Country during the

  horrors of WWII, as well as the grandson of both maternal and paternal

  grandparents who had done the same during THE so called Great War • &

  despite the continued warm-welcoming of Linnie and I, by THE PEOPLES of the

  Benelux Nations • ALAS my experience of the reality of my early exposure

  to my own ”dream of European unity, in both the operations of the

  Eurocontrol Headquarters in Rue de La Loi and Zaventem Airport Brussels, 

  as well as the Maastricht UAC itself  opened my eyes to so called “experts”

  and the very realisation on my part, of that joke description of an EXPERT

  [BE]ing ... "X the Unknown Factor, SPIRT a drip under pressure" 

  ...  which was SO NEAR to THE TRUTH that it became even more

  frightening for me to contemplate what the future held for us.  

  Thankfully our eldest daughter - born in 
Sittard NL - subsequently 

  became the catalyst - to a MIND-SET SWITCHand so [IT] WAS, following

  the EURO-CONTROLLED AIRMISS over OLNO  that I terminated my

  secondment with EUROCONTROL and returned with my family to THE 

  relative sanity of  Britain.

  THE equitable unity of man and woman at the core of THE most important

  community in LIFE, which [IS] FAMILY in[DEED] • but NOT the unity of

  man in control of man or as it happens even man in control of woman, as

  is so often the case with ALL of those religions of the world and invariably

  their political cohorts, which have indisputably and exclusively evolved in

  absolute accordance with the patriarchal mind-set.

  I still believe however in the concept of the ”dream of European unity

  as the definitive template for a global solution but boy oh boy do we

  desperately need some reforms before that can [BE]come a reality but

  I SHALL NEVER forget OSHO's references to priests & politicians.





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Comment by Michael Grove on January 20, 2019 at 11:42

   The term United States of Europe (French: États-Unis d'Europe)

   was used by Victor Hugo during a speech at the International

   Peace Congress held in Paris in 1849, during which he stated ...

  "A day will come when all nations on our continent will form

   a European brotherhood ... A day will come when we shall

   see ...the United States of America and the United States of

   Europe face to face, reaching out for each other across the


   ...which now [RE]presents a vision of a status quo that DOES

   NOT ADDRESS the urgently required NEED for a GLOBAL


   ONE of the NATION  of PLANET EARTH in their role as

   custodians of ALL THE PASSENGERS of Spaceship Earth !!!

Comment by Michael Grove on November 26, 2019 at 22:14

The UK is one of very few countries around the world with a joint and integrated civil and military air traffic control service and this close relationship allows for greater cooperation and the more flexible use of airspace.

The operational requirements of modern military aircraft can be better accommodated with flexible airspace. Flexibility is also key if aviation is to be as efficient and sustainable as possible, especially as the skies are becoming busier year on year, but this is only achievable through the close working that this contract enables. Environmental benefits can be gained if civil aircraft don’t have to avoid military airspace – more direct flights will use less fuel, resulting in lower emission levels.

Comment by Michael Grove on November 26, 2019 at 22:40

“Merging these disruptive concepts in existing airspace – infers an attempt to accommodate new ideas into infrastructure and frameworks that have changed little in the past 60 years. We need to recognise that traditional aircraft are as different to drones as an inter-city train line is to a metro system, and the supporting infrastructure as different as an overground railway is to an underground tube system.”

He says that segregating sections of airspace for new entrants and allowing new infrastructure to grow independently and organically, while replacing the word ‘integration’ for ‘interface’ would be far more likely to encourage what he terms ‘the second aviation revolution’.

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