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   On Tuesday, the veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, who was

   being interviewed by the Duke of Cambridge on the main stage at Davos,


   “This event is one of the most optimistic things Ive seen in a while.”

   BUT NO THING that the attendees of any WEF EVENT ever held since 

   it's outset, has ever addressed in any sustainable way the issues raised

   so long ago by Colin Mason in his two books, or acknowledged in any  

   significant manner his two Axioms...

   Axiom 1 - Useful change is likely to come only if it can provide as, 

   equal, obvious and general a benefit as possible.

   Axiom 2 - If proposed solutions don't take the lowest common 

   denominators of human nature reallistically into account, they

   will not work.

   DESPITE the fact that Sir David Attenborough said that the environmental

   crisis that the world is facing was caused by mankinds belief that it

   had to conquer the natural world and live in opposition to it. The truth, 

   he said, is the opposite. “Events like this show that fundamental, beautiful

   fact is being realised. [The World Economic Forum] arguably has more 

   power than any other gathering. They recognise that fundamental truth

   and can do something about it.”

  Some hope however, THAT THE WEF WILL EVER ACT

   on that fundamental truth and do anything about [IT]

  in THE TIME that ME•WE have left to in[DEED] DO SO.


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