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Ian Gardner's Blog – May 2015 Archive (28)

Enlightenment. (1)

As long as one desires enlightenment one will not achieve it, for one of the
qualities of the enlightened state is that of being without desire.


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Meditation. (2)

There are no shortcuts to enlightenment but meditation could reduce the time it takes by many lifetimes.

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Seeing & Evaluating in Context.

Most commonly we see events in a superficial context and the evaluation that follows is, therefore, also superficial. This is because our common mindset is superficial i.e. Earthly, three-dimensional etc.

To view and evaluate events in their true context we have to view and evaluate them in the context of life being continuous…


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Thought is still - there is no motion. Thought acts but there is no activity.

Thought is the Great Spirit, the First Cause, the Creative Force, God; and, whatever name it is given, the Great Spirit, the First Cause, the Creative Force, God is Thought.…


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Telepathy/Thought Transference.

Be it from human to human, animal to animal or human to animal how does telepathy [thought transference] work? We all know that we sometimes feel something when we meet or see someone, or even, sometimes, hear of someone. We call this feeling “vibes”. We also know, for instance, that animals are sometimes aware of danger even though this danger is outside the spectrum of…


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Meditation. (1)

One cannot “meditate on something”. This is because to “meditate on something” is to focus the mind on something, whereas meditation is the process by which the mind is stilled, not activated.

However, one can focus the mind on something in a state of quiet contemplation or, as a means to achieving a state of meditation, concentrate on one's breathing or, for instance, a…


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Observe, Observe, Observe.

Observe others and learn, observe nature and learn but, above all, observe self and learn, for this is one of the main keys to spiritual perfection.

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Mind and Thought.

As the mind shrinks at the will of the initiate, thought flows in to fill the spaces so created.

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Attachments and Enlightenment.

In our normal state we Spirits have no attachments. It is only when we entered the Phenomenal World, or Earth Plane, that we developed the numerous emotional attachments, and those of other types if there are any, that burden us and without which we feel naked and incomplete. These we guard zealously.

However, in order to end the cycle of death and rebirth we have to…


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A Startling and Uncomfortable Awareness.

Accompanying the awareness of the reality of karma can be the difficulty of coping with the awareness that there is no such thing as a "tragedy", an "innocent", an "accident" etcetera; of coping with the necessity of saying to oneself, "These people have brought these things upon themselves." Fortunately, we can express sadness that this is so, to empathise, to sympathise and…


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Love - The Three Kinds.

One kind of love is affection - normally considered to be love in a less intense form. Affection is variable according to the factors influencing it - it is a 'worldly' phenomenon and impermanent.

The second kind is that which stems from the emotions and/or the sensations. Thus, at times it may seem to be sensational, but it is still emotional…


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Expressing One's Creativity.

Far too many of us get so caught up in the whys and wherefores of things that we get all knotted up, with the result that the creativity lacks the freedom which is essential for creative expression. Just go with the flow!

As a teenager I drew and painted and continued this expression till my late twenties when drawing and painting was replaced by poetry. This…


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On The Path To Enlightenment.

This could be you.

Imagine an actor who is wearing all the costumes he has worn on stage in the past looking at himself in the mirror and trying to decide who or what he is. If he goes to the dressing room and strips down to his skin he will see himself clearly.…


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The Mind and Enlightenment.

he chatter of the mind blocks enlightenment. Many seekers of enlightenment set the mind to a myriad of tasks and the only result of this is  'ments'* like flies in a bottle - a lot of noise and activity going nowhere. Remember that the path to enlightenment involves subduing the mind, subjugating it.

*My word for thoughts.

To differentiate between Thought and…


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Creation - the Big Bang.

There was no Big Bang. The Big Bang theory stems from the fact that the human mind thinks in terms of time and space. As a consequence, for the dispersal of energy/matter around the universe of time and space it requires an impelling force - in this case an explosion, a big bang. However, Creation is soundless and occurred/occurs 'outside' time and space. It, therefore, does…


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Success & Failure. (1)

There are no successes and failures in life, only achievements - stepping stones.

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Knowledge and Knowing.

To have knowledge and to know are two different things, and one is possible without the other.

Added by Ian Gardner on May 13, 2015 at 22:34 — 2 Comments

Life's Events.

In each life there are things that will happen, things that will not happen and things that are optional.

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A prophetic dream.

A Dream.

Following the entry The Body as a Vehicle I decided to attend the meeting referred to below.

Yesterday I was due to be at the hospital at 8 a.m. for examination by the team of "Head & Neck" surgeons and consultants and before I awoke I had this dream:

[Note - In Australia we drive on the left side of the road.]

I was driving on…


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The Body as a Vehicle.

This was written on Feb. 25 2006 at a time when I had cancer of the tongue with possible metastasis elsewhere and had decided, in line with my philosophical understanding, to either cure it myself or succumb to it.

"Not surprisingly, I am detached from what is happening to my body. Yes, I do feel the pain and discomfort but there is no emotional reaction to…


Added by Ian Gardner on May 10, 2015 at 22:48 — No Comments

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